It was the morning of August 4, 1969. Chicago police and the FBI entered an apartment. They went to the bedroom and shot one of the people who were asleep. His name was Fred Hampton, a 21-year-old who slept with his nine-month-pregnant girlfriend. Hampton was the president of the Black Panthers in Illinois. That scene is not very different from … Read more

Lady Gaga Revealed The “Making Of” Of Her Video Clip With Ariana Grande

Lady Gaga Rain on Me

After announcing her weekly show “Gaga Radio,” the pop diva revealed the behind-the-scenes look at “Rain on Me.” A few weeks ago Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande released their first single together, “Rain on Me” which earned them the record for nominations for the next VMAs. The single that quickly rose to the top of the playlists is part … Read more

Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper are together?

Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper

The famous were caught on the beach. Did they start a relationship? Since Bradley Cooper ended his relationship with the Russian model Irina Shayk, the entire Internet was involved in a kind of obsession to link him romantically again and although a few months had passed since the last rumor, some new photos involve Jennifer Garner. Images of the actor … Read more

Youtuber Twins Are In Legal Trouble After They Organized Fake Bank Robberies

Alan and Alex Stokes

Alan and 23-year-old Alex Stokes could face up to four years in state prison if found guilty Alan and Alex Stokes are twin brothers who make content for their YouTube page, which has 4.81 million subscribers. Most of his videos involve making challenges, or pranks, of his friends. Despite the content they believe is mostly innocent, the twins were charged by Orange County prosecutors … Read more

‘Big Brother’ begins season with quarantine cast and no hugs

Big Brother

Participants will be divided by group with colors and will only be able to attend signposted environments. Season 22 of the “Big Brother” in the United States begins this Wednesday (5), with care and restrictions due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus. According to presenter Julie Chen Moonves, the cast was quarantined in their … Read more

Daisy Coleman, who starred in Netflix documentary about her rape case, dies at 23

Daisy Coleman dies

The woman who told her case in “Audrie & Daisy” committed suicide on Tuesday. Her mother, who confirmed the news, found her body. Daisy Coleman, a rape survivor who starred in a Netflix documentary, has died at age 23. The woman who gave her testimony – along with two other cases of rape, abuse, and cyberbullying – … Read more

Drew Drechsel Arrested and Charged With Rape Crimes

Drew Drechsel Arrested and Charged With Rape Crimes

American Ninja Warrior champion Drew Drechsel is accused by the victim of having sex while she was 15 and he 26 Drew Drechsel, the most recent champion of the American Ninja Warrior reality show, was arrested on Tuesday for having sex with a teenager between 2015 and 2017. According to the TMZ website, he was … Read more

Sean Penn married via zoom with the young actress Leila George

Sean Penn married via zoom with the young actress Leila George

This is the actor’s third marriage, who has already been married to Madonna and Robin Wright. Sean Penn will turn 60 this August. Specifically, next day 17. And he will celebrate his anniversary as a married man, something that has not happened since he was 49. A decade that has served him, in his final stretch, to find love … Read more

Reni Santoni Passed Away: How Did The Actor Die?

Reni Santoni Passed Away

In the American series, he composed the owner of a pizzeria, an Italian immigrant. He was 81 years old. Known for his role in the series  Seinfeld, where he played Poppie, owner of a pizzeria and Italian immigrant based in New York, in several episodes of the last seasons, Reni Santoni died last Saturday, August 1, at the … Read more

Meghan Markle celebrates her 39th birthday

Meghan Markle 39th birthday

Today, the actress lives with Prince Harry and his son, Archie, in Beverly Hills -Los Angeles-, one of the areas with the highest number of ‘paparazzi’. Meghan Markle celebrates her 39th birthday this Tuesday in a different way than a year ago. Today, the actress is far from royalty and focused on her new projects. Just a few months ago, … Read more