Today, the actress lives with Prince Harry and his son, Archie, in Beverly Hills -Los Angeles-, one of the areas with the highest number of ‘paparazzi’.

Meghan Markle celebrates her 39th birthday this Tuesday in a different way than a year ago. Today, the actress is far from royalty and focused on her new projects. Just a few months ago, the American left her home in the United Kingdom to start her new life in Los Angeles, after a brief period in Vancouver, Canada. Changes that he has undertaken alongside Prince Harry  (35 years old) and his son Archie (1).

Last March, Meghan Markle moved to her hometown and has since lived in actor Tyler Perry’s  (50) mansion in Beverly Hills, valued at € 15 million. Although she has maintained a much more discreet profile, both she and Prince Harry have been seen on occasion in the streets of Los Angeles.

The mansion where Meghan Markle lives in Los Angeles

As for work, the actress resumed her artistic life to join the Disney team. Although she has not yet reappeared in front of the cameras, after her departure as an active member of the British Royal Family, Meghan Markle had her first approach with the screens, lending her voice to Elephant, a documentary based on nature and elephants.

In addition, it has focused on social causes, helping those who need it most. Just a few days ago, in fact, the protagonist of Suits donated almost 9,000 euros from the profits of her recipe book, Together, to a British organization that offers cooking classes taught by immigrants and refugees.

In recent months, Meghan has changed not only her work but also her image. This was revealed in a virtual meeting in which she encouraged young women around the world to fight for equality and become the leaders of the future. There, she sported her new style. Now, she has a simpler look and has changed the waves and the collected ones for the long and smooth mane. 

Very close to the ‘paparazzi’

Although it is a different life from the one she led in the United Kingdom, there is one issue that Meghan Markle has not been able to change: being one of the protagonists of the press. And, although she decided to move away from the British Royal Family on March 31, each of her steps continues to be of interest to the media. Hence, its name continues to grab headlines around the world. A situation that displeases the actress who, precisely, resigned as an active member of the Royal House of England due to media pressure. 

A few weeks ago, Meghan and Harry reported the presence of drones that flew over their house and whose purpose was to capture images of the new life of the family. In fact, last week it came to light that the couple filed a lawsuit in the Los Angeles supreme court to prevent the publication and sale of a photograph of Archie, taken by a drone while the boy was playing in the garden of his house. .

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry with Archie

Meghan’s relationship with her father, Thomas Markle (76), has been another reason that has kept the actress in the media spotlight. This issue, which was one of the causes that led to the dispute between Prince Harry’s wife and the British press, ended in a lawsuit that, for the moment, the protagonist of Suits has just lost. Which forces her to pay more than 70,000 euros in costs. In addition, as her stepbrother has made clear, her father will exhaust all legal avenues to see her grandson. 

Meghan Markle has also grabbed headlines in recent weeks for information from the new royal book, Finding Freedom, which tells why the actress and Prince Harry strayed from the British Royal Family. In this text, which will go on sale on August 11, there are endless details and intimate anecdotes about the couple. 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

No wonder Meghan Markle remains a clear target for the press. And it is that, beyond being a public personality, known for her work on the small screen and for having been part of the British Royal Family, we must remember that the actress lives in one of the places with the most paparazzi


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