‘Big Brother’ begins season with quarantine cast and no hugs

Participants will be divided by group with colors and will only be able to attend signposted environments.

Season 22 of the “Big Brother” in the United States begins this Wednesday (5), with care and restrictions due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

According to presenter Julie Chen Moonves, the cast was quarantined in their homes until the program’s premiere. The names have not yet been released.

Another safety measure was to frequently test participants before the premiere. Some even tested positive for Covid-19 and will not participate in the program.

The 16 participants will receive a colored cord and will only be able to enter the signposted rooms.

“So, let’s say you have an orange lanyard and identification, you can only enter the places that the orange group can enter,” explained Chen Moonves in an interview with CNN.

Participants will also not be able to give hugs or handshakes. The team will wear masks all the time and will do weekly Covid-19 tests.


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