Model Vanessa Soares Dies At 21 When Undergoing Surgery

The premature death of the model Vanessa Soares moves her followers. Vanessa Lays Soares Aguiar, Miss Roraima Teen, died this Wednesday (4) during emergency surgery to remove a tumor in her abdomen. The body will be watched in Rorainópolis, where the girl’s parents live.

“She has always been an admirable, loving, captivating, friendly girl. Beautiful inside and out. She is gone, but she is kept in my heart.” It is with this description full of affection that Matheus Soares, brother of Miss Roraima Teen Vanessa Lays Soares Aguiar, 21, who died during emergency surgery this Wednesday (4), says goodbye to the young woman.

Vanessa Lays, as she was known, died during the night when doctors tried to remove a tumor from the abdomen, near the liver. She felt sick at home, felt severe pain, and was rushed to the hospital in Boa Vista.

“‘I love you a billion!’ a phrase from the last movie I watched with her, the day before everything happened. It makes a lot more sense to me now!”, added her brother.

On social networks, friends and relatives said goodbye to Miss with messages of mourning and grief, lamenting her early death. Vanessa Lays, who was also a nursing student, was twice Miss Rorainópolis, a city in the countryside of Roraima (in 2020 and in 2016).

“A light brought joy and showed that we should always smile and love because you never know when the last hug and the last message is. She was amazing. She had no bad time, always with a smile on her face and full of dreams. to fulfil” , described the musician Gustavo Kisney, Vanessa’s friend.

“She had high-spirited energy. I will only have wonderful memories because she was super intense. Vanessa will be forever remembered. She was full of joy and courage”, described businesswoman Emanuelle Cardoso, also a friend of the miss.

“We met when I was studying photography at university. She was always cute, wonderful, fun, high spirits. I felt very safe around her. I don’t know what to say”, summarized photographer Eduardo Caldas, Vanessa’s friend.

On Vanessa’s Instagram account, hundreds of comments lamented death, with messages of longing and sadness.

Vanessa Lays died early this Wednesday (4) at the General Hospital of Roraima (HGR) during emergency surgery to remove a tumor in the abdomen, close to the liver, according to a cousin.

In a statement, the Health Department, responsible for the HGR, informed that she had a “very serious condition of hypotension and hemorrhage caused by abdominal tumors”. Also according to the folder, after undergoing medical evaluation, Vanessa Lays was referred to the Hospital’s Surgical Center as a matter of urgency.

“Despite all the efforts of the medical team, the young woman did not resist and died at dawn on Wednesday,” said the secretariat.

The cousin reported that Vanessa felt severe abdominal pain on the night of Tuesday (3) and sought care at the Emergency Room Cosme e Silva, in the west of the city.

From there, the miss was transferred to the HGR, where she continued to complain of many pains. According to the cousin, some tests were done and a tumor near the liver was discovered. The young woman underwent a surgical procedure, however, suffered hemorrhage and did not resist.


The body will be veiled this Wednesday (4) from 6 pm (local time) in the city of Rorainópolis, in the southern region of the state, where Vanessa’s parents live. The body of the miss will be buried this Thursday (5) also in the city.

The mayor of Rorainópolis, Leandro Pereira (SD), lamented the death of Vanessa Lays. The miss’s parents act as municipal servants in the city.

In addition to the mayor, Estácio College, where the young woman studied, and Miss Teen Roraima’s profile, released notes of regret about the young woman’s death.

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