On August 5, Galilea Montijo’s family received the worst news. The driver’s father, Gustavo Montijo, died.

This Thursday the death of Gustavo Montijo, father of Galilea Montijo, was announced. Galilea Montijo suffers one of the most painful losses of her life

Galilea Montijo is going through a very painful moment: this Thursday the death of her father, Gustavo Montijo, was confirmed. The news was announced on Thursday night by the State Steering Committee of the National Action Party of Nayarit, to which Dina Montijo, half-sister of the host of the Hoy program, apparently belongs. Without revealing the causes of death, the statement reads: “The State Steering Committee of the National Action Party in Nayarit joins the sentence that is seizing family and friends for the irreparable loss of Mr Gustavo Montijo Talamantes, father of our friend and party partner, Dina Montijo Jiménez. Rest in peace”.


Dina lamented the death of her father with these words: “I know that my father walks directly with God, his time has come to leave and thus I accept Our Lord’s decision,” according to People en Español magazine.

Meanwhile, so far Galilea has been quite concise about it, since it only published a story in which it says: “I’m OK”, along with the emoji of a broken heart.

Hours later, at the beginning of the Friday broadcast of the Hoy program, the host said: “I have few and very vague memories of my childhood with my father. Now that my father has left, I have to continue seeing for my mother. My father was there for 10 Hospitalized days, my father felt like a terrible victim of COVID. They cremated him, “she said through tears, as she also pointed out that today is her wedding anniversary.

Galilea Montijo announces that despite the death of her father she will be with her husband

In addition, she spoke of the paradoxes of life, since today she has been married for years. She said that she already had something prepared to celebrate 10 years of marriage. So after that, she will travel to be with his mom and brother.

“What are the paradoxes of life, today I am celebrating 10 years of marriage. I already had a surprise for Fer, in which we decided to have a small group of people we love very much, celebrating Escalona’s birthday too. Soon I will be squashing my mother because it is very bad, ” said Galilea Montijo.

“I send a big kiss to all your daughters, sons that I do not have the pleasure of meeting. And to my brother, I will be with you soon. But hey, Fer, thank you for 10 years of marriage, I love you, thank you for being in everything in the good in the bad. I have to be with my other family … soon I will be with you, “she added.

Finally, she sent kisses for the children of her father that he did not know.

“Thank you for all the affection I have received. Kisses for her family, we always say because we lose our brothers, because of our parents … but only they know their stories. I did not get involved there, I just wanted to see happy to my mother. I love you, ma, then I’ll cuddle you, “she concluded in dismay.

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