The 20-year-old has repeatedly proven in the past that Lil Pump is always available for strange or even crazy actions. After all, Lil Pump is not only the interpreter of what is probably the lyrically weakest rap hit of all time (“Gucci Gang”), but also the rapper who uploads selfies in women’s clothes online.

Also, Lil Pump is the rapper who shot against Donald Trump a few years ago, but this year he appeared at an election rally for the elected US president shortly after he had falsely announced him under the name “Lil Pimp.”

Lil Pump

Now the rapper from Miami is targeting Eminem. A few minutes ago, he uploaded a story to Instagram in which he shoots the rap legend in an extremely anti-social manner and says that he is old, that nobody will hear him anymore, and that his music is boring:

“Ey, f * ck Eminem, you is lame as hell, and nobody listens to your old ass. You lame as f * ck, b * tch! “, Says the story of the 20-year-old musician. It is still unclear where this Lil Pump freak comes from. Also, the accusation that nobody would listen to Eminem anymore seems a bit questionable due to Lil Pump’s current situation.

Because thanks to his early hits “Gucci Gang” and “I love it” with Kanye West, the rapper is still one of the most-streamed musicians ever, but almost nobody listens to his new songs. Of his last four singles, three didn’t even break the 1 million stream mark, which is pretty underground for a rapper his size.


Lil Pump and Eminem already had an interaction around two years ago. Back then, Eminem dissed the newcomer on his album “Kamikaze.” Pump reacted relatively calmly to this diss and even thanked him in a somewhat sympathetic way for the rebuke: “Thank you, I deserved that” With his current announcement, however, he will probably not make friends …

Here you can see the announcement

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