Complete Your Game Collection: Steam’s Christmas Sale Is Here!

You have just bought a brand new next-generation PC or, failing that, a graphics card, but you have a problem that is none other than that you lack games to be able to take advantage of your new hardware in all its splendor. A good way to get new and not so new games is to take advantage of the sale periods of digital stores, such as the Steam Christmas offers.

As every year there are the Steam Christmas offers and with it come a large number of offers that allow us to expand our collection of PC games once again, so it is time to expand our collection.

But remember, the games are to be played, that later we see you making New Year’s promises to play those games that you have bought and that you have not even installed.

Steam Christmas Deals: Highlights

Steam Winter Sale 2020

With a simple glance we can see that there is a huge number of games discounted in the Steam Christmas offers, of which we highlight the following:

  • The first game that catches our attention is Borderlands 3 , the most famous looter shooter has its third installment with a 67% discount, which places its price at € 19.79.
  • Second, we have the Master Chief Collection , the entire Halo saga up to Halo 4 in a single game for just € 23.99.
  • Hades , the masterpiece of the creators of Transistor and Bastion is for € 16.79 thanks to its 20% discount.
  • Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order , which combines Dark Souls-style action with the Star Wars universe for € 19.99.

Remember that this is nothing more than a quick and subjective review, there are actually a lot of games that are on offer, which are relatively recent and of all kinds of genres. Some of them have appeared this year or last and have received a rather significant price cut, so this is a good opportunity to get them.

A recommendation that we make is that you take the franchise packs, which contain all the titles of a saga and a large number of extras, since the value they give for the price they offer is very high.

What can we find below € 10?

Steam Winter Sale 2020

But if there is something that really stands out on Steam, it is games for less than € 10, do not be fooled by the fact that they are not news, just like a movie or a video game does not age when it is of quality, in the case of a video game either.

We have games like:

  • Hollow knight
  • Stardew valley
  • Shadows of war
  • The still spectacular and action-packed Doom of 2016
  • The Witcher 3 , although we recommend the full version and on PC it is always superior to the console version.
  • Dragon Ball Z Fighter .
  • Etc.

And remember, on PC these games look much better than on console thanks to the ability to run graphics at better resolution and definition, so if you have a PC with an NVIDIA RTX 2000 or RTX 3000 or their rivals from AMD, RX 5000 and RX 6000 , then you will be able to take these games to their maximum visual quality. How about running those games at 4K and 60 frames per second? If you have a PC that meets these specifications, you will not need to buy a new generation console to run them at 4K and with a much better visual quality than the new PlayStation and Xbox.

And in the case that your PC is more modest, it is also a way to expand your collection of games and have new playful experiences.

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