Júlia Hennessy Died: What Happened To Her?

Model Júlia Hennessy Cayuela, 22, died in an accident on the BR-277, in the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba. She was rescued alive but did not resist the injuries.

This was the lament published on social networks by Nina Sara Silveira, mother of model and influencer from Belo Horizonte Júlia Hennessy Cayuela, who died at age 22 after suffering an accident in Paraná.

The dream of building a house, majoring in biomedicine, having children, and continuing to travel on a motorcycle with her husband along the country’s roads was interrupted, after a collision between the motorcycle and a truck on BR-277, in São José dos Pinhais, in Metropolitan Region of Curitiba, Paraná, on Thursday afternoon (15).

The model from Minas Gerais was on the back of the motorcycle and was rescued alive at the Hospital do Cajuru, in Curitiba, but she did not resist the injuries and died in the early hours of this Friday (16).

Her partner, Daniel Cayuela, who was riding the motorcycle, was also sent to the same hospital, with multiple injuries to his arms and head.

Júlia Hennessy accident
The accident happened on BR-277, in São José dos Pinhais — Photo: Military Police

family ‘in shock’

In a conversation with wepublishnews, the pastor and stepfather of the young woman, Jerônimo Onofre, said that the family was at home, in Belo Horizonte, when he received the news of the accident.

“We were at our house, me and my wife, Julia’s mother when the hospital called with the news. We got a flight and, at midnight, we were in Curitiba. She died around 1:00 am,” he said.

Jerome said that Julia was full of life and that the family “is in shock”.

“We are desolate, in shock, a very difficult time. Julia was my daughter since she was 6. We are suffering and trying to stand up,” he lamented.

According to the pastor, the family itself told Daniel about Julia’s death.

“He didn’t know. We decided to tell him together, as a family. Daniel is in shock, crying a lot, not believing what happened, they were very united and in love,” said the pastor.

Daniel and Julia were married for 4 years.

“We lost my daughter, my great love, she was going to graduate this year in biomedicine, she was looking for a room to open her clinic, all of this very sad. God gave us, God took us away”, said the victim’s stepfather.
Júlia Hennessy Cayuela had more than 269 ​​thousand followers on a social network. Moments before the accident, she published photos traveling on a motorcycle with her partner and passing through Serra da Graciosa.

Kelle Gripp, pastor of the church the influencer attended for about four years, says she will remember Julia as an extremely God-fearing person and “very good with life.”

“She lived a little, but a lot surrendered to every purpose. It was marked by fidelity, friendship, and companionship”, he highlighted.

The accident

According to the Federal Highway Police (PRF), the suspicion is that the truck was crossing the lane when the motorcycle hit the side of the vehicle. The causes of the accident are investigated.

A Military Police (PM) helicopter also provided assistance.

Júlia Hennessy accident
Moments before the accident, Júlia published photos of traveling on a motorcycle with her partner and passing through Serra da Graciosa. — Photo: Social Media

The couple was taking a motorcycle trip through the mountains of southern Brazil.

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