The father of the singer Ana Torroja, the architect and academic José Antonio Torroja Cavanillas, died on Wednesday at the age of 88, reports El Mundo.

The prestigious civil engineer inherited from his father, who practiced the same profession, the title of Marqués de Torroja, which was awarded posthumously by Franco. Being the first-born, Ana Torroja would inherit the title from her father, although neither she nor her brothers have said anything about it.

Prestigious civil engineer, he inherited from his father, Eduardo Torroja Miret, the title of Marquis of Torroja that Francisco Franco posthumously awarded to the also engineer in 1961.

Torroja directed the School of Civil Engineers in Madrid in the 80s, the same one in which his daughter began to achieve fame thanks to Mecano (her favorite song of the group was “Eungenio”). Among other distinctions, he was the National Civil Engineering Award in 2007.

With a long academic career, he took over the leadership of the Madrid School of Civil Engineering in the 1980s, the same decade in which his daughter achieved tremendous popularity as part of the Mecano group.

“I would say that Ana is fundamentally a simple person and with very great self-confidence, something that has astonished me, the confidence and the security, although she seems fragile and small and shy … And yet I believe that she knows perfectly what she wants and where she wants to go, “he said of his daughter in a television interview in the 1990s.

The singer’s father married in 1958 with María del Carmen Fungairiño, nurse, painter, and sister of the chief prosecutor of the National Court Eduardo Fungairiño, with whom he had six children, including Ana. María del Carmen, however, died in 1985.

The architect would remarry Rosario Fernández Villa, with whom he had three other children.

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