Guerrero Designer Sol Peralta Was Found Dead On A Highway

Peralta and her sentimental partner were reported missing since Monday, July 12

Last Wednesday night the lifeless body of designer Marisol Peralta was found on a highway in Chilapa de Álvarez, Guerrero. She was dedicated to making dresses with typical Mexican details.

Sol, as she was known in the fashion world, was reported by family members as missing along with her sentimental partner since Monday, July 12.

Since then, their whereabouts have not been known, until Tuesday night when residents of the Tixtla-Chilapa highway reported to authorities about two bodies that were inside a car in a place known as La Curva del Peral, about 12 kilometers from the municipal seat of Chilapa, a town in the center of Guerrero.

According to local media and police reports, the designer’s lifeless body was found along with that of a 45-year-old man, who was presumably her partner. According to unofficial reports, it would have been a car accident, but this information has not been confirmed so far.

On the other hand, there are also local media that assure that the death of Peralta and her partner was a homicide.

The 38-year-old also was reported missing after she got out in a white Toyota pickup and stopped communicating with her family over the weekend.

According to the El Sur media, around midnight last Tuesday, an accident was reported on the aforementioned road and it was thought that those who were traveling in the van would have died, so authorities came in the company of the Chilpancigo Forensic Medical Service.

The bodies were then picked up from the sidetrack and the car was removed on Wednesday. The news came out when family, friends, and colleagues from the world of a fashion spread it on social networks.

Peralta was known for her designs for wedding dresses and quinceanera parties, but she also made clothes for well-known people in Guerrero. She collaborated with indigenous models and beauty queens.

Sh sought to highlight and take Nahua embroidery beyond the traditional with extravagant clothes that she designed and made for her own brand in the company of her work team, with whom she was located in her native Chilapa, but that managed to reach all of Mexico.

This type of embroidery, as Peralta commented in her publications on social networks, was inspired by toys, religious objects, or fashion from the same region. The artisan activity of textile embroidery, although it can currently be found in most of the handicraft markets in Mexico, is carried out with its original meaning only by certain ethnic groups throughout the republic.

The work done by Marisol was exclusive and she tried to bring the typical Guerrero embroidery to her creations, making each piece unique, because not only did she make each dress as requested, she also made each embroidery that wrapped her designs by hand. Sometimes she was her model and wore her own clothes.

Both friends and followers of Peralta mourned her death. In the same way, the organization of beauty contests Miss Guerrero confirmed the death of the designer, with whom she would have collaborated on several occasions to dress the beauty queens to represent her locality at the state and national level.

The Guerrero Prosecutor’s Office, so far, has not provided more information regarding the death of Marisol Peralta and her partner.

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