Everything indicates that J.Lo and Alex Rodríguez have ended their relationship and their engagement, after two years. Here the details.

Did Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodríguez end their relationship and have their wedding canceled? Everything seems to indicate that yes … According to a recent publication by Page SixJ.Lo and A-Rod have officially ended their engagement and are no longer together, after having built a great courtship in the last two years, which seemed to be getting more and more solid.

It was at the end of 2020 when it was announced that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodríguez were considering canceling their wedding and no longer marrying, due to the coronavirus pandemic and sources close to the couple assure that this event was moved twice. , but now it has been definitively canceled.

‘Oh yeah, we’ve talked about that possibility, of course. I mean, considering our ages and the fact that we’ve been married before, it wasn’t a must or an urgent thing. We asked ourselves several times: Are we getting married? Didn’t we get married? What does a wedding mean to us? Ultimately it is something very personal that we must share as a couple, you had to stop and think about what you really wanted to do, ” Jennifer Lopez confessed in an interview a few months ago.


It is said that it was a few days ago that Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod concluded their romance, in good condition. For now, the former baseball player is alone in Miami, while J. Lo is filming her next movie in the Dominican Republic.


So far, neither of them has made their breakup official , but it is suspected that it was the distance they have faced due to their work schedules that chilled their relationship and led them to cancel their engagement .

There is also a rumor that A Rod has been having many FaceTime calls with Madison LeCroy, the star of ‘Southern Charm’ (and she assured Page Six herself , although she clarified that they have not met in person and that her contact it has never been physical in any sense).

“Don’t worry about me, I’m just taking a sail-fie. What are your plans for this weekend?” Alex Rodríguez recently assured by posting a photo on a yacht.

On the other hand, J.Lo has also shared photos where she enjoys her time alone while filming her next big movie.

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