The seventh episode of season 17 of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ marked another great moment in the history of the series,

SPECIAL.- A few months ago, the American writer Krista Vernoff, part of the creative team of the television series Grey’s Anatomy, revealed that the new twist that the television show would take for its season 17 was that it would not kill more main characters … but it seems it was all a lie.

Spoiler alert!

And it is that yesterday, in chapter 7, someone new joined Meredith ( Ellen Pompeo ) on the beach, but it was not an old favorite who returned or a little visit from a doctor friend while they took care of her. No, in fact, it was someone who was killed in the episode.

This is Dr. Andrew DeLuca ( Giacomo Gianniotti ), who was stabbed out of nowhere while chasing a kidnapper during the crossover episode with Station 19, and by the time the story progressed to Grey’s he appeared in an ambulance.

His death occurs while DeLuca meets Meredith, who is in a coma, on the beach/purgatory, before saying goodbye.

“Whatever happens, I want you to know that I never felt seen the way you saw me. I never felt inspired the way you inspired me ,” DeLuca tells Meredith before leaving. “You made me want to be not just my best self, but better. And yes, I felt small around you at times. I felt insecure. I wanted something from you that I needed to give myself. But here, now, on this beach with you. , I understand. I don’t understand, I’m sorry. I understand who I am. I know my own soul, my strength. “

Giacomo Gianniotti says goodbye to the series

“So much I could say … but all that comes to mind is thank you. Thank you to all the fans who loved DeLuca as much as I did. Telling his story was and will be one of the great honors of my life. Thank you.” wrote the actor.


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