Who Will Be The Host Of “Survivor Mexico VIP”: What Is Known So Far About The TV Azteca Reality Show

After changes at the last minute, the premieres of this and other Tv Azteca reality shows changed their date; However, on social networks, a list with the possible cast of the new season of the program is already hovering

Since the beginning of 2021, there has been a lot of talk about the projects that Tv Azteca had in mind. Although the company was betting on the production of new melodramas, it highlighted the weight it gave to its reality shows. Last January there were rumors (later confirmed) about the premiere of the VIP version of Masterchef México, a new edition of La Voz, and, finally, a new season of Survivor.

To date, it is known that for the last quarter of 2021 there will be a new Masterchef Mexico, but it is unknown if Anette Michel will continue to be in charge of driving. As for La Voz, it is not only confirmed in its Kids format: it is about to be released and will have Belinda, María José, Camilo as coaches, as well as Mau and Ricky.

Another of the programs that the Ajusco television station was generating was Survivor. This production where they put their survival capabilities to the limit was a surprise when not only did they confirm their return, but they were coming in a big way: 2021 will be the year that will see Survivor VIP. Of the aforementioned projects, this is the one that is known a little less even though its premiere is very close.

Exatlon will also have a date change for its final: it will be April 4 (Photo: Twitter / @ ExatlonMx)

And it is that the dates were already established for La Voz Kids and Survivor VIP for Tuesday, March 23, and Wednesday, March 24, respectively. However, due to last-minute changes made on the television station, not only the premieres were screened, but the final of Exatlón was also postponed, which is still on the air and is already in its last phase.

Thus, La Voz Kids underwent the minimum change: now it will premiere a day earlier; that is to say, Monday, March 21Survivor VIP, on the other hand, will run until Wednesday, April 7. Although Flor Rubio herself, who was going to be in charge of revealing the names of the participants, acknowledged that she did not know if it would be possible due to the changes, Internet users are already moving to have their identities.

And not only Internet users. Recently Alex Kaffie, in his column for El Heraldo de México, claimed to have a list with a few confirmed artists for the special edition of this new season of Survivor Mexico. Among them, two female celebrities stood out.

Kristal was Miss Tamaulipas 2015.

In the first case, it is about Kristal Silva, a former beauty queen from Tamaulipas. Winner of competitions such as Miss Earth Mexico 2013, as well as Nuestra Belleza Mexico 2016. She was also the representative of Mexico in the 2013 and 2016 editions of Miss Earth and Miss Universe, respectively. Since 2018, she has dazzled Mexican television stations with her beauty when she took over the leadership of Venga la Alegría.

The second case is about Sabine Moussier, the actress who not long ago was in La Mexicana y el güero and who, in fact, already has experience in reality shows: in 2004 she was part of Big Brother.

But not only that but also in networks several users triggered several rumors with other names in the list of possible members. Among them stood out Carlos Alberto Pérez “El Capi”; journalist Gabriel Cuevas, and Nicole Olin, who was a participant in the third season of Acapulco Shore. On the last one, it could be said that there are strong suspicions that at least there will be someone on the shore of MTV since Kaffie also pointed to Danik Michell as a participant.

Another name that has resonated a lot in the list of participants of Survivor VIP is Sabine Moussier

The names of Vadhir Derbez and Poncho de Nigris also stood out, as did the host and YouTube content creator, Facundo, to take on the role of host of the program. However, Flor Rubio finally gave explanations about these and other matters prior to the premiere of this reality show.

From a live broadcast on YouTube, the entertainment journalist mentioned that the premiere changes also took her by surprise:

“Suddenly there is a change in the dates of the Azteca Television programsI was not aware until I return to the block at one in the afternoon and I realize that Laura G and Cynthia Rodríguez in Venga la Alegría had just announced the changes. So then I realize that the date also changes to make the participants known, in an official way ”.

Flor Rubio had to make a transmission on YouTube to explain the reasons for the delay in the survival program

Her suspicions would be confirmed after a few hours by her own boss, Sandra Smester , who wrote to her on Twitter: “Hello my dear @Flor_Rubio. I think we will keep that information for next week ”.

Regarding the official explanations that Tv Azteca executives have made, Flor Rubio again referred to Smester and to a tweet where she responded to a user who seemed upset with the postponement. Thus, the journalist read the message left by her boss: “ They are not pulled. Participants need to do various studies and fix things in their private life. As you know, they will be away from their home and their country for a long time ”.

Hence, the host of shows in Venga la Alegría wanted to reiterate the challenges that the participants of this reality show will face: “The coordination (of all the challenges they will have) is not at all easy and, furthermore, we are talking about 24 Survivor participants. In other words, there will be 3 teams of 8 people each team ”.

Do not forget that last season there were only 16 participants and two teams for the entire program, so Rubio wanted to reiterate how complicated the planning of the entire project has been: “It complicates all the logistics. We are talking about medical examinations, which have already begun to carry out medical examinations for participants so that they can travel to the Dominican Republic; contract situations, everything that is family logistics, and so on ”.

Finally, he wanted to clarify another topic that has been heard a lot on social networks: Who will be the driver of Survivor MexicoVIPMuch has been said that the dispute was between Inés Sainz and Facundo. Even not long ago the rumor began to spread that the current YouTuber was going to be in charge of this position. However, Flor Rubio completely denied it.

The journalist placed her bets on three options: the sportscaster Carlos Guerrero “El Warrior”, the former driver of La IslaAlejandro Lukin, and, again, the host Inés Sainz.

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