Jeffree Star Is Hospitalized After Car Accident

According to TMZ, the events occurred on a road in Casper, Wyoming, where he would have lost control of his vehicle and then rolled over.

The businessman and YouTuber Jeffree Star were hospitalized in an emergency after suffering a spectacular car accident near Casper, Wyoming. On Friday, April 16, the YouTube star shared on his Twitter that he and his best friend, Daniel Lucas, were involved in a “terrifying” incident and are now receiving care at a local hospital.

The information, confirmed by TMZ, indicates that the events occurred on the Hat 6 road, where he would have lost control of the vehicle and then overturned.

As the media learned with a preliminary history, there was no drug or alcohol use prior to the incident. They are also investigating whether there could be excess speed.

“A few hours ago, Jeffree and Daniel had a severe car accident, and the car overturned 3 times after colliding,” it was mentioned in networks.

The tweet included a photo of Jeffree lying on a hospital bed with Daniel holding his hand by the side of his bed. The owner of Jeffree Star Cosmetics appeared to be wearing a neck brace, although further details of its condition are unknown.

According to the Wyoming Highway Patrol, officers responded to an accident but did not offer further details at this time.


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