Eric Jerome Dickey Died: How Did Famous Novel Author Die?

The news was recently shared that Best Sellers author Eric Jerome Dickey lost his life at 56 years of age

he author of different thrillers in addition to intense stories that gave him fame and fortune as well as an important place in entertainment,  Eric Jerome Dickey, unfortunately, have just been informed that he lost his life.

His name quickly became a trend on social networks, especially on Twitter, his admirers, family, and friends have been writing condolences for the family and the sadness they feel to know that they will no longer have the opportunity to continue enjoying the works of the new writer.

Eric Jerome Dickey reached 59 years old, unfortunately, The author died Sunday in Los Angeles after a long illness. it was a hard illness that ended up taking him away, no more information has been provided about it.

A THOUGHT FOR TODAY: One can be ignorant without being intolerant, but one cannot be intolerant without being ignorant, “wrote the author on December 23.

His works are remembered because he always tried to involve a lot of action in them, especially when it came to a domestic crisis, international intrigues, and everything “dark” in life that he could write about in relation to African American life, Eric Jerome Dickey was one of the most recognized authors in New York, making him a celebrity.

Although he graduated from Memphis State University with a degree in Computer Systems Technology, he ended up being a great writer although of course, he managed to work for a time as an engineer at Rockwell International, however, he decided to announce that he wanted to dedicate himself to acting and comedy since he himself wrote his scripts.

Throughout his career Eric Jerome Dickey managed to write 30 novels, short stories, and stories, of which approximately 15 of them were part of the largest sales in the United States, among his most recent works we find:

  • A Wanted Woman, Posted April 2014
  • One Night, released April 2015
  • Naughtier than Nice, published October 2015
  • Los mirlos, published April 2016

The author also had a collaboration with Marvel Entertainment writing a graphic novel: Storm, who you will surely locate for being one of the X-Men characters.

The one in charge of sharing the news of his departure was his own editor, with whom he had worked all his life, Dutton, a publisher of Penguin Random House, however, no further details were given regarding his decision.

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We are simply heartbroken to discover that famous author Eric Jerome Dickey has passed away. It transitioned our reading from children’s and young adult books to adult books. Our hearts go out to his family and friends Hearts spinning, “they wrote on Twitter.

Hundreds of Internet users have written in the microblogging service the great regret they feel to find out about what happened, unfortunately it is sad to hear about this type of news when despite not knowing the person physically, in a certain way “we know” him by his His work, through the readings, was that his admirers were part of his family, in a certain way, not literal, of course, the comment is directed to the fact that it is just as painful to lose a person that we admire not only for his career but for his valuable life.

“This man changed my life and my whole world. This man taught me to read while in prison and how to value written language and the use of words. When I got home he wrote me a letter on my behalf so I could attend the U of H. was the 1st person to buy my #ericjeromedickey merchandise, “wrote a rather heartbroken Twitter user.

Without a doubt, Eric Jerome Dickey left many sad hearts, so it is likely that his works will become legends in a short time.

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