Fernando Lozada Confesses: How Is Life After Exatlon USA?

The fourth season of the successful sports competition reality shows Exatlon United States already culminated with the triumph of “Latin Gringo” Nate Burkhalter, from Team Famosos. Although Burkhalter was the most recent winner of the competition program, Exatlon United States has emblematic participants throughout its four seasons, such as the case of Fernando “Fer” Lozada, who in the fourth installment was an important part of the red team.

Fernando Lozada: From the beginning of the fourth season

An athlete who showed his strength throughout the competition is Fernando Lozada, who, despite a knee injury, is one of those who remained from the start in the arenas of Exatlon United States and did not stop measuring forces with his companions of all seasons in the tournament that took place within the previous season, not in vain his farewell was one of the most emotional.

Who is Fernando Lozada?

30-year-old Mexican. Known for his participation in Reality Show  “Acapulco Shore” , he has been one of the incorporations that have attracted the most attention in this new season In his childhood, he was an active boy and practiced all kinds of sports, from soccer to artistic gymnastics. Fernando is expecting a child with his wife,  Triana Leon , a certified Health Coach.

He currently has 2.3 million followers on his Instagram profile, where he is very active sharing photos of his personal life, special moments, and his exercise routines. Fernando has managed to combine his different passions, he is a businessman and fitness model who declares himself a lover of exercise and is also a bodybuilding competitor in Mexico. He has also been on television, Internet forums, social networks, magazine covers, and other publications dedicated to the fitness world.

Upon his return from Exatlon United States, during his temporary hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Fernando Lozada talked with us about his time at “The Most Fierce Competition on the Planet”

Fernando Lozada’s confessions about his time at Exatlon USA

“Lozada”, as he was nicknamed during the fourth season of the fiercest competition on the planet, was talking with his work team at Cuaima Team Fit , about life after Exatlon United States, what this experience meant for him , and how he is today after having returned home and already facing the fifth season of the program, which this time he will enjoy from home. The fun and honest interview can be seen by clicking here

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Exatlon United States, produced by Acunmedya for Telemundo, is an adrenaline-charged program that seeks to find the participant with the strongest physical and mental abilities through a series of obstacle courses, extreme living conditions, and total isolation from the rest of the world. .

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