Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Get Divorced!

This afternoon the news that the marriage between the businesswoman and the singer ended made all the headlines

To the surprise of the millions of fans of Kim Kardashian around the world, this afternoon, the website Page Six announced that sources close friends to the socialite them confirmed that She is in the process of divorce with Kanye West, after six years of marriage. It was last July when, during his first act of the electoral campaign, in what was the singer’s attempt to run as a candidate for the presidency of the United States that a controversial speech In which he revealed very private situations of his family, he caused the first friction with his wife who, days later through social networks issued a statement in which she revealed that her husband suffers from bipolar disorder, a situation for which she asked for compression. After that incident, Kim and Kanye tried by all means to save their relationship; however, according to the latest reports, they did not succeed and have decided to go their separate ways.

According to several close associates of Kim and Kanye, the breakup is final: “the divorce is imminent,” reads the page that released the news, where it was also reported that Kris Jenner’s daughter has hired Laura Wasser, known as the lawyer who has handled several divorces from Hollywood stars: “ They keep it private, but they are done. Kim hired Laura Wasser and they are in talks to reach an agreement ” . According to this version, Kim and Kanye have not seen each other since the reality star’s 40th birthday, the date on which the rapper surprised her with a video in which, thanks to technology, he made the father of the company, Robert Kardashian, will congratulate you:“For my birthday Kanye gave me the cutest gift of my life (…) a hologram from my dad. It’s so real! ” Kim wrote on Instagram this past summer.

Everything seems to indicate that, after the birthday of the mother of her five children, Kanye moved to her ranch in Wyoming, while she stayed with her children in Los Angeles, near the Kardashian clan: “Kim got Kanye to go there so they could live separate lives and quietly fix things for separation and divorce. She has finished ” , revealed the informant. It was also said that Kim has matured and is confident about this decision: “Now this divorce is happening because Kim has grown up a lot, she takes the bar exam seriously, she takes her campaign for prison reform seriously. Meanwhile, Kanye is talking about running for president and says other crazy things and he’s fed up, “added the source.

The version of another close friend of Kanye was also published, who assured that the one who made the decision was the rapper who every day felt more uncomfortable about the clan’s lifestyle: “He has completely finished with the whole family. He doesn’t want to have anything to do with them” In that sense, let’s remember that, after her controversial speech, he continued with more revelations on Twitter where he revealed that, in the past, he had already tried to divorce Kim, in addition, he dedicated a few lines to Kris Jenner and blamed her family for trying to force him to submit. to psychiatric treatment.

What happened on Kim’s birthday?

This informant also spoke about what happened on Kim’s birthday, in Tahiti, a celebration where Kanye surprised her with the animation of her father, the late Rob Kardashian: “He arrived late and left early, he does not appear in any of the photos on Instagram. All he did was carry the hologram of her father, Robert Kardashian, and then he got out of there as fast as he could . ” This source also revealed that in the divorce conversations the issue has focused on the mansion they own in Calabasas, which has a value of 40 million dollars and in which they invested 20 million more for the remodeling, commanded by Kanye: “Kim is trying to get Kanye to give him the Calabasas house because that’s where the kids are growing up. That is your home. She owns all of the land and several adjacent lots around the house, but Kanye owns the actual house. Both have invested a lot of money in renovating it ” . Finally, it was said that this is not the first time that the couple talks about separation, but that this time things are serious. If true, this would be the third divorce for Kim Kardashian who, in the past, had already hired Laura Wasser after the breakup with basketball player Kris Humphries.


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