Actor André Ceccato Died At The Age Of 60

Ceccato became famous playing ‘Barba’ in the movie Carandiru

Brazil received the sad news of the death of André Ceccato, at 60, on Monday, 26.

Acting in both theater and cinema, he became nationally known when he played ‘Barba’ in the iconic film ‘Carandiru’, released in 2003.

The information was confirmed by Sergio Guizé. They worked together during shows. It was reported that Sergio died at his home, located in São Paulo, as reported by the UOL news portal.

The co-worker made a post on his official Instagram account, recalling the curious day he met him and the ‘artistic essence’ of André.

“Yesterday my friend André Ceccato died, I learned that it was from sadness. We’ve been out of the theater for a long time, this has a weight, even more for special people like him, I met him in 2005 at Roosevelt Square, he already hit on the girl who was with me at the time, in front of me. Grande Ceccato, before, was already a fan of the work and continues, of a rare and inspiring artistic essence. I told him this in the last rehearsal of the series “The secret evil” that we were going to do together”, said Sergio through Instagram.

According to Guizé, Ceccato predicted a return to activities with the improvement of the Brazilian situation amidst the pandemic. The actor spoke of the need for art when everything reopened safely.


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