Tomas Troncoso Died At The Age Of 86

The death of the Dominican Republic sports record icon was reported by his son via his social networks.

On Monday morning, the death of Don Tomas Troncoso Cuesta, one of the most famous and charismatic sportswriters in the Dominican Republic, was announced.

The information was presented on the Twitter social network by his son, Thomas Troncoso Jr. “I am sorry to inform all my friends, athletes in general, of my father’s disappearance. How big were you, I was so old. We love you very much, ”the sportswriter also expressed about his father.

Tomas Troncoso was 86 and was born on September 29, 1935, in Ciudad Nueva, Santo Domingo, and was part of the first broadcast of a major league game in the country with storyteller Billy Perua, Max Alvarez, and Ellis Perez in 1962.

“Los Deportes en Marcha” is an important part of his career in sporting events and has been on the air for over 50 years, starting August 1, 1963, and in the same year he started working in winter baseball with the Eagles. . Cibaeñas, although ironically he considers one of the laurels of his great rivals, the Tigres del Licey, the team he spent much of his active career with and which was recognized in 2016, having been named the Blue Team radio booth in his honor. .

He was also promoted to the Dominican Sports Wing in 2005 as a promoter of national sport and is considered one of the most celebrated sportswriters in the country’s history.

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