Pedro Garrido, President Of Jerez Industrial, Dies

The blue and white leader has suffered a work accident in Rota

The Jerez Industrial, all industrialism and football mourn JerezPedro Garrido Gómez , president of the Copa y la Venencia club, has died of a workplace accident . The blue and white leader, a worker for an elevator company, was trapped in the cabin of a hotel in Costa Ballena, as reported by the Europa Press agency, echoing a note from the Andalusian 112 Emergencies.

The accident occurred around 11:45 a.m. when a witness to the events alerted the coordination centre that an operator was trapped in the elevator cabin of a hotel complex on Carla de Orleans street, according to this report. agency.

The health services of the Board have been displaced to the place, mobilizing a mobile ICU of EPES-061 and members of the Fire Department of the Provincial Consortium have intervened, together with the Local Police and National Police Corps, which have instructed proceedings to clarify the circumstances of the Sinister.

A life dedicated to Jerez Industrial

Pedro Garrido was an industrialist from head to toe, an irreducible member of the cup and venencia club, capable of defending his club and its shield above everything and everyone. From a very young age he collaborated with the entity and already in the nineties, he entered the board of directors that Francisco Narbona presided over at that time.

Since then, Garrido has always been linked to the club of his loves until in 2016 he took a step forward – at that time he was the club’s secretary – to head a project with the aim of returning Jerez Industrial to national status. “I had planned to rest after these five years but at the insistence of the partners I thought that I had to attend to that request, I have obtained the necessary support and I have been overwhelmed by the number of partners who are willing to join the board of directors at work and collaborate “, he commented in his candidacy presentation.

At the end of last season, Pedro Garrido, in the absence of candidates, took that step forward again so as not to leave the entity aimless, with the aim once again of leaving the well of the Primera Andaluza once and for all . The team is one victory away from qualifying for the final of the promotion phase, but good old Pedro will no longer be able to see it. How cruel fate can be sometimes.

Condolences from the City Council

The first reactions to the death of the president of Jerez Industrial have not been long in coming. The Jerez City Council has wanted to convey ” its deepest condolences to family, friends, close friends, and in general, to the local sports world, for the death of Pedro Garrido, president of Jerez Industrial. Pedro Garrido has been a young reference for all the blue and white club family for their commitment, desire for achievement and sportsmanship, who unfortunately passed away on Monday after suffering a work-related accident “.


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