Osagi Bascome Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

The footballer was stabbed on the island of St. David, Bermuda. The police are conducting investigations to clarify the facts.

Worldwide consternation following the death of soccer player Osagi Bascome after being stabbed several times in an altercation outside a restaurant on Bermuda’s island of St. David. According to the BBC, the police in the area are carrying out the appropriate investigations, although it is already ruled out that the fight was related to gangs.

The death of the young man has shocked the sports world, so much so that Ernest Peets, the country’s Minister of Youth, Culture and Sports, has spoken about it: “His death has left us in shock, we all greatly appreciate his talent.”

He first played in the Ché team, and then went on to the granota formation. In 2017 he decided to turn his sporting career around and signed for an English team, Bristol City. However, he failed to emerge and ended up playing for a lesser team, Darlington CF.

“We need to hear from everyone who was at the party, but right now the people who were there are not helping us,” says Peter Stableford, Det Cheif inspector. “We know that people saw what happened and we would urge them to do the right thing for Osagi and tell us,” he adds. The 23-year-old is the son of a popular former Bermuda cricketer and the nephew of former minister Lovitta Foggo.

Mark Wade, president of the Bermuda Football Association, wanted to show his grief after this tragic loss: “A family has received a call that no family should receive. Osagi represented Bermuda with distinction at all levels of international soccer. We regret a life that was taken from us too soon ”. Ernest Peets, the country’s Minister of Youth, Culture, and Sports, also had a few words for the recently deceased player. “His death is really a shock to all of us as we all greatly appreciate his talent. I had the opportunity to see him play, ”he said.

In the sports field, Osagi Bascome began his career at St. George’s and played in several English clubs and also in Spain as part of the lower categories of Valencia and Levante. The footballer even became part of the senior national team participating in the Concacaf Gold Cup and the Concacaf Nations League in 2019.

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