Legend of Car Racing Freddy Smith Died, What Happened?

An uncrowned king of car racing, Freddy Smith, suddenly passed away at 79. Freddy had many hobbies, but car racing was the one that he followed and pursued with 100% passion and interest.

Freddy was a championship-winning sports car driver who competed from the beginning of Dirt Late Model racing up to his second-to-last victory out of 785 career victories on its most recent vintage tour. Unfortunately, his death has been confirmed by his son, Jeff Smith. Jeff Smith revealed this tragic news on October 13, 2023.

Our condolences and prayers are with the Smith family, friends, and the racing community. Those who knew Freddy well are facing this terrible time, and we want to express our support for you.

Who was Freddy Smith?

Freddy Smith was born on December 15, 1943, in Kings Mountain, North Carolina. At a young age, he began his adventure into dirt track racing. He started his career on local tours and quickly improved his racing skills, eventually gaining national recognition thanks to his natural talent.

As time passed, he became well-known in the racing community. Still, he never expected that one day, he would transform from an unknown competitor to a sportsmanship role model for fans and fellow competitors.

Freeddy participated in and contributed to many races, including NASCAR. In his 41st year of racing, on July 11, 2008, at North Alabama Speedway, he earned his last significant victory in the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series.

Freddy’s Cause of Death:

On his social media page, his son Jeff Smith shared this devastating news along with his feelings for his father. According to his family, Freddy had long struggled with illness. Leukemia-related problems, which eventually led to pneumonia, were the cause of his death. Due to this sickness, Freddy was unable to survive and passed away.

Funeral Details:

Unfortunately, the Smith family has not disclosed any funeral details. They are shocked by Freddy’s sudden death and need time to process this incident. They will reveal this information soon.

A flood of tributes and condolences came from all over the world as the news of Freddy Smith’s passing spread throughout the racing world. As a true legend passed away, teammates, racing organizations, and fans shared their memories and expressed their sorrow. According to his fans, he will continue to be remembered in dirt track racing history.

Our support and prayers are with the Smith family suffering from this terrible situation. We hope that your family will recover soon from this incident. May GOD open the door of HEAVEN for Freddy.

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