Jason Dupasquier Died: What Happened To Him?

The news that no one wanted to hear reached Mugello. Jason Dupasquier died in Florence from injuries caused by his crash on Saturday in Moto3 Q2. It was the World Cup organization itself that made it official, at the request of the medical center.

The organization of the MotoGP World Championship has announced the news after the conclusion of the Moto3 race. Seconds before, the pilot Gabriel Rodrigo had anticipated the tragic outcome after the accident suffered by his partner the day before.

According to the television images after the fall and the statements of the other riders involved, the Japanese Ayumu Sasaki and the Spanish Jeremy Alcoba, was hit by at least one motorcycle, before falling on the track.

“After the serious accident during the Moto3 Q2 of the Italian Grand Prix, we announce with great sadness the death of the Moto3 rider Jason Dupasquier,” said the organization of the World Championship.

Dupasquier was involved in an accident between turns 9 and 10 of the circuit, which forced the Q2 of his category to be suspended with a red flag. The FIM medical services treated him immediately and took him by helicopter to the Careggi Hospital in Florence.

Jason Dupasquier Died
Evacuation of the Swiss rider Jason Dupasquier yesterday at Mugello.

During the night, Dupasquier had been operated on for a hemopneumothorax in the lung and had been probed to drain the blood and air in the pleural space. However, given the seriousness of his injuries, the medical team has been unable to save his life.

Dupasquier was facing his second season in the Moto3 World Championship. He did it as a member of the PrüstelGP, with a KTM. Both his team and his mentor Thomas Luthi, as well as Rookies Cup driver Noah Dettwiler, immediately announced their withdrawal from the races this Sunday when they learned of Dupasquier’s situation.

His family, his parents Philippe and Andrea, had traveled from their home in Freiburg to be at the clinic. As did the Prustel team, who chose not to participate anymore with their other driver, Yamanaka.

Nor did Tom Luthi, friend, and mentor of his compatriot, ride Moto2. Obviously, the Pertamina Mandalika Stop And Go gave him permission.

Moto3 riders were informed of the news at the conclusion of the race at Mugello. The activity continued on the track with the Moto2 and MotoGP races.

Jason Dupasquier was 19 years old and had shown great progression this season. He began to roll with those above. He was the son of a former motocross rider.

Jason Dupasquier Died
Jason Dupasquier /Photo

He is the latest in a sadly long list of drivers who have left their lives on the asphalt of the circuits.

2019: Marcos Garrido, a young 14-year-old driver who died in a test at the Jerez circuit.

2017: Enric Saurí, during the 24 hours of Catalonia held at the Montmeló circuit.

2016: Luis Salom, also in Montmeló after coming off a curve in training and suffering the blow of the motorcycle.

2015: Dani Rivas and Bernat Martínez, it happened in the American circuit of Laguna Seca during a Motoamérica test.

2013: Andrea Antonelli, on the Moscow circuit in a Supersport event.

2012: Luis Filipe de Sousa Carreira, died from a fall during superbike training in Macau.

2011: Marco Simoncelli, fell in the second lap of the Malaysian Grand Prix and Valentino Rossi and Colin Edwards could not overcome it.

2010: Shoya Tomizawacrashed in the Moto2 race of the San Marino Grand Prix and was run over by Redding and De Angelis.

2003: Daijiro Kato, suffered an accident at the Japanese Grand Prix from which he did not recover.

2000: Joey Dunlop, 23-time Isle of Man champion, died in an accident at an Estonian event.

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