Jason Aguilar Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

Jason Aguilar, 25, MotoAmerica Superstock 600 champion in 2017, and Jakub Gurecky, only 16 years old and winner of the last edition of the Northern Talent Cup, have died in the last few hours.

Tragic news arrives about two young pilots who have lost their lives in recent days. Jason Aguilar, the 2017 MotoAmerica Superstock 600 champion, and Jakub Gurecky, the 2021 Northern Talent Cup winner, have both died following training accidents.

In the case of Aguilar, the American pilot suffered a tragic accident while training in the vicinity of Laguna Seca with the mountain bike, a specialty that he usually used for his training.

His father, Bob Aguilar, announced the tragic news through his social networks: “Jason Aguilar, our son, professional MotoAmerica rider, 2017 Superstock 600 champion, avid mountain biker, and friend of many, had a terrible accident on Saturday morning in Laguna with his mountain bike”, he commented.

Although the friends who were training with him tried to help him, they could not do anything to save his life: “His friends, Alex and Anthony, acted quickly to airlift him to Mission Viejo Hospital, where he was taken to surgery to ease the bleeding in your brain. Although the surgery was successful in stopping the bleeding, he was deprived of oxygen to his brain for too long before the surgery. As a result of the lack of oxygen, he suffered irreversible catastrophic brain damage. Jason is an organ donor, so the hospital is making arrangements for the donation of his organs, and for the recipients of those organs. Once that is complete, Jason will be taken off life support. We hope that Jason will live on in your memories and ours and that his organ donation will allow his memory to live on in others. ”

Jason Aguilar was 25 years old and had been MotoAmerica champion in the Superstock 600 category in 2017. In 2021 he was going to make the leap to the Superbike category within MotoAmerica, a move that never materialized.

Jakub Gurecky dies at the age of 16.

Hours after hearing this sad news, another fatal accident was also confirmed: Jakub Gurecky, only 16 years old, lost his life while training with the minibike. The Czech driver had established himself as a great promise after becoming champion of the Northern Talent Cup last year, a single-brand promotion cup promoted by Dorna to seek out new talent in Central Europe.

Said title had earned him a passport to the Red Bull Rookies Cup, in which he was going to make his debut this year. Unfortunately, he suffered a serious accident while training in which there was a cerebral hemorrhage, and despite the fact that the doctors did everything possible to save his life, on Monday night his death was confirmed. Two tragedies in a row in the world of motorcycling on a black Monday for this sport.

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