Sister Of Nuria Piera Dies At The Age Of 63

“What you never knew how to do is what you are doing now, leaving us alone”, Nuria says goodbye to her sister.

It was 7:20 in the morning on this cloudy Tuesday, February 8, when Sonia Piera, the only sister of the communicator Nuria Piera, died of lung cancer that was diagnosed a year ago and three months.

The journalist shared an emotional message on her social networks saying goodbye to her accomplice, sister, friend, sometimes her mother and father at the same time, and sometimes her daughter, along with a bank of photographs recalling some moments lived by her side, which They will be impossible for her to forget.

“There will be no way of ever forgetting you, there will be no way of not always keeping you in mind and there will be no way of not wishing you had been eternal. You gave everything but there is something that hurts and it hurts me a lot, and that is what you never knew how to do is what you are doing now, leaving us alone … ”, were her parting words to her sister.

For Nuria, her sister’s diagnosis changed her life and that of her relatives, and her only goal was to recover her health, but despite the fact that the path became tortuous and sometimes they could not find a way out, Sonia’s love for his family gave him the faith he needed.

“Between the fears, it was strengthened in you, what you already knew, was your destiny. You had a prodigious intuition and your love for us, your children, grandson, and niece made you pray with deep faith, looking for a way to leave, without further suffering for anyone, and that is how God saved you from an ordeal. Asleep you left to wake up where those you also love were waiting for you, ”said Nuria.

The communicator described her sister as a supportive person to the point of unconsciousness, protector of all, with airs of “mother hen”, “bold” but with prudence, the soul of the parties, and Miss sympathy in meetings, qualities that will remain forever in her.

Sonia was the only sister of the journalist Nuria Piera, who founded the Provideo company, which produces the Nuria Investigation Journalistic program and the N Digital Multimedia newspaper.

Her remains will be veiled at the Blandino Funeral Home on Luperón Avenue, tomorrow, Wednesday, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon and later buried in the Puerta del Cielo cemetery.

Sonia is survived by her sons Wilfredo, Enrique, and her grandson.

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