Jakub Gurecky Died: What Happened To Him?

The reigning Northern Talent Cup champion suffered serious injuries while training in Slovakia. This 2022 was going to debut in the Red Bull Rookies Cup.

Tragic week in motorcycling. The sport of two wheels has not had time to overcome the mourning of Jason Aguilar who, in less than 24 hours, is dyed black again. On this occasion, the pain has shaken the Northen Talent Cup after learning of the death of its current champion, Jakud Gurecký, at just 16 years old.

Jakub Gurecky suffered a minimoto accident while training at Ohvale, a go-kart track, located in Slovakia. He was immediately transferred to the nearest hospital in the area, but despite the medical team’s attempts to keep him alive, he was unable to overcome the injuries from the tragic accident.

Gurecký lost his life moments before midnight on Tuesday, only 16 years old and with a lifetime of success ahead of him. The young rider had been proclaimed champion of the Northern Talent Cup last 2021, a championship created by the FIM and Dorna two seasons ago, with the intention of replicating the success of the European Talent Cup or the Asian Talent Cup, already consolidated in the world of motorcycling. In fact, the objective of this championship follows the same trend as its ‘sisters’: to give opportunities to young talents to get closer and closer to the MotoGP World Championship. And that was the path that Gurecký had to follow in 2022.

“Comrades, I really liked being here with you, I’ve enjoyed it a lot, even if it was for a short time, only 16 years. The dreams I had have come true. Have a good time and think of me sometimes,” they wrote last time on the pilot’s social networks, by way of farewell.

Called to be the new star of Czech motorcycling, Jakub was going to make his debut this year in the Red Bull Rookies Cup as a reward for his recent coronation as champion, after accumulating four victories and five podiums. However, the tragedy has again stained the sport of two wheels in black.

Jakub  Gurecký becomes the fourth pilot to die in less than a year, whose age is under 20 years old, and whose memory joins the loss of Jason Dupasquier (19 years old), Hugo Millán (14 years old), or Dean Berta Viñales (15 years old). In addition, motorcycling also mourns Jason Aguilar, Supersport champion in MotoAmerica 2017, pending the withdrawal of life support that keeps him alive to complete the organ donation process, as his family communicated on social networks.

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