Hugo Maradona Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

Hugo Maradona, brother of Diego Armando, former Napoli player, died this morning, just before noon: he died following a heart attack.

No further news has emerged so far on how Hugo Maradona, brother of the legendary Diego Armando, died. The man, as is known, was found lifeless today, Tuesday 28 December 2021, in his home in Naples, a victim of cardiac arrest.

A news that has also shaken Catello Maresca, today head of the opposition in the City Council, who as a candidate for mayor of the Center-right had included him in its lists.

These were the words of the politician to the “Corriere Della Sera”: “I feel immense regret. He was a good guy, very socially committed. Like Diego, he had a big heart and was in love with Naples. This is also why he had chosen to make a journey with us through Napoli Capitale. We are very sorry. Rest in peace with Diego ”. And, again: “I think he deserved Italian citizenship, he cared a lot and felt deeply Neapolitan “.

A cardiac arrest killed Hugo Maradona, Diego’s brother. In the last few minutes, more details are emerging on the health conditions of the 52-year-old Argentine. According to what was reported by “Fanpage” after consulting health sources, the younger brother of the Pibe de Oro would soon have to undergo cardiac tests. In fact, it was not the first time that Hugo Maradona experienced health problems.

In 2018 the man underwent a medical check-up at the Santa Maria Delle Grazie hospital in Pozzuoli, where he was also subjected to a surgery considered “routine”. Immediately after, he sent a letter of thanks to the doctors of the hospital, which the Local Health Authority Napoli 2 Nord then published on their social profiles. “To them, my deepest thanks”, concluded Hugo at the bottom of the letter. Unfortunately, however, today’s crisis was fatal to him.

Hugo Maradona, How Diego’s Brother Die?

Hugo Maradona, brother of Diego Armando Maradona, died. A shocking news that comes like a bolt from the blue, and just over a year after the death of the Pibe de Oro. As reported by the online edition of La Gazzetta Dello Sport, the death took place this morning, around 11:50 am (therefore fresh news of the last hour), and left all those who knew him stunned, also due to the fact that Hugo Maradona himself was very young, being only 52 years old.

The brother of the former football player had lived for years in Italy, precisely in Monte di Procida, in the Flegrea area, in the province of Naples, and died in his home: once the alarm was raised, the 118 men rushed to the home of the victim, but when they arrived on the spot they could not help but ascertain his death. Hugo Maradona had made himself known in particular in the last year for some of his interviews in connection with the Rai Uno program, Italian Stories, and his interventions had always been mild and composed, with the sole aim of discovering the truth about the death of his brother, who most likely died as a result of some incorrect health treatments.

Hugo Maradona, How Diego’s Brother Died: Killed By A Heart. What We Know

Nobody expected the news of the death of Hugo Maradona, which occurred due to cardiac arrest, the classic heart attack that unfortunately does not give signs to those who are about to suffer it, and that in most cases kills life. Usually, this form of death is more frequent from 55/60 years upwards, consequently, Hugo Maradona represents a particularly young case linked to this pathology.

However, no other details have been disclosed on the death of the brother of the former Napoli legend, consequently, it is not clear whether he died alone at home, and if perhaps in recent days he had some illness, maybe a little tiredness, a little breathlessness, or even stomach pain, often associated with this dramatic cause of death.

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