Grichka Bogdanoff Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

Star of the small screen, doctor of mathematics, he liked to popularize his knowledge.

The presenter Grichka Bogdanoff, known for doing numerous plastic surgery with his twin brother, Igor, died at the age of 72. He was a victim of Covid-19. According to the Independent newspaper, he died this Tuesday (28) alongside his family in the hospital.

In the book she published in 2019, Maud Guillaumin had succeeded in the feat of enlightening in a different light Igor and Grichka, the famous Bogdanoff brothers. Because of their childhood, we knew little about where they were fantasized, when they were not rewritten by the brothers themselves.We know, more or less with certainty, that Grégoire Yourévitch Ostasenko-Bogdanoff – known as Grichka – and his twin Igor Yourévitch Ostasenko-Bogdanoff were born on August 29, 1949 in Saint-Lary, in the Gers. Even where their grandmother, who came from Sissi’s court, had gone into exile for the love of an African-American tenor.

She had bought a castle there, open to the four winds, which Grichka remembered fondly. “The things of the past build us and help explain who we are,” he told us.“Sometimes we look back on our childhood and question it, contemplate it. What interests us is what connects the elements of the past to what we are today. What contributes to our identity is a very important part of childhood, even masterful, and which continues today. We are not detached from this childhood, we have a dimension very close to wonder. We are very playful, we laugh easily and we remain carried by this state of childhood grace. ”

Eternal adolescents, Igor and Grichka had yet celebrated their 72 years. Of this indivisible pair, there is only one left today, the eldest, who uttered his first cry forty minutes before his brother. “Surrounded by the love of his family and his loved ones, Grichka Bogdanoff died peacefully, to join his stars,” his agent said on December 28. According to information published by Le Monde, the two brothers were hospitalized on December 15 and were not vaccinated …

Raised by their adoring grandmother, the two boys first benefit from the lessons of preceptors who awaken them, very early, to foreign languages. Later, at the beginning of the Sixties, while they were studying in the Tarn, they made the wall, at night, to admire the celestial vault. A passion has just been born …

After their baccalaureate – Igor and Grichka affirm that they obtain it at the age of 14 – they “go up” to Paris and undertake studies in physics and mathematics. In 1976, they published their first book, Clefs pour la science-fiction, prefaced by Roland Barthes.

Galvanized by this success and eager to share their knowledge, they dream of television. With boundless nerve and stubbornness, they manage to join Yves Mourousi, who invites them on the set of his newscast. Seduced (as many were afterwards), the presenter puts the foot in the stirrup by offering them a column in Bon appétit: they will present a sequence devoted to robots and extraterrestrials. The rest is known: in 1979, in their silver costumes, aboard a cardboard flying saucer (piloted by Franck Dubosc!), They present Temps X, which will become a cult in the PAF.

“With us, there are two sides. There is the part of whiteness, the public part and then the part of dark energy, which is more secret ”, Grichka confided to us. “The fact that we started very early doing books and TV shows shed some light on us, which we weren’t necessarily looking for: that’s the open part. And then, the ‘closed’ part, these are years of solitary research, questions which may seem inaccessible or useless, such as the origin of the universe before the Big Bang, which still mobilizes us ”

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