How Did Samuel Cabrera Die? What Was His Cause Of Death?

Yet another mourning in the world of sport. A famous cyclist was struck by lightning and died at 61. An accident that shocked everyone: this is how the facts went.

Samuel Cabrera died at the age of 61. The former cyclist who also raced the famous Tour de France was struck by lightning on Monday 21 March while he was in the fields and was busy working on his farm in Colombia. News that has left the whole world of sport speechless.

Former Colombian cyclist Samuel Cabrera aka “Samy”, who made a name for himself when he joined the Reynolds team in the 1986/87 season, passed away prematurely on Monday 21 March 2022, while working on his farm in Colombia, Pasuncha. in the department of Cundinamarca.

According to what we read in the newspaper The Sun, the former sportsman was in the fields collecting coffee when he was hit by lightning that struck him to death and left him no way out. In a very short time, many messages of condolence arrived. But there was also space for moments of memory in Cabrera, who was one of the first Colombian riders to participate in the Tour de France.

Samuel Cabrera was struck by lightning: died at 61 years old.

Another very serious loss in the world of sport after the assassination of the rugby player Federico Martin Aramburu. The precise dynamics of the tragedy have not been disclosed. However, according to reports that we read in The Sun, Cabrera’s brother Jose has made statements on the matter to clarify the situation and what happened on the day.

He pointed out that he and his family also have little information on the matter. However, he was told that Samuel was on his farm and was working and collecting coffee when he was struck by lightning. “We are waiting for more information to coordinate everything,” he later admitted.

Who was Samuel Cabrera?

Regarding Samuel Cabrera, we know that he had a wonderful career. He made a name for himself in the 1980s, taking the podium or winning outright various races in South America and Europe. He finished first overall in the Tour of Guatemala in 1980, before winning in Costa Rica and Guatemala in 1982.

He also finished third in the French Tour de l’Avenir in 1985 before retiring in 1989. Cabrera also took part in the Tour de France six times and was signed by the Spanish team Reynolds in 1986.

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