How Did Melissa Coates Die? What Was Her Cause Of Death?

Melissa Coates Dead, the wrestler passed away at the age of 50, she had to undergo a leg amputation, but this did not help to avoid the tragedy.

The bodybuilder participated in the WWE during the 2005 edition, after starting her career as an athlete, and then participating in several international competitions in the 90s.

Her mentor over the years has been Killer Kowalski, who also allowed her to participate in the Ohio Wrestling League. Last October, a GoFundMe campaign was opened to finance the medical expenses due for the leg amputation.

The operation was due to the presence of obstructions in the vascular arteries of the leg. Unfortunately, on Wednesday night a friend of her confirmed her death with a post on Facebook.

Her friend stated that the post was the hardest thing to do, her words were simple, concise, and short. Having declared the wrestler’s demise, Sabu, her partner has received several calls from WWE attendees.

Sabu later retweeted a post from Cauliflower Alley Club, a nonprofit organization committed to nurturing young talent in the world of wrestling.

Melissa Coates Dead, Sabu friend, and wrestler Sabu said he was shocked

The non-profit association “Cauliflower Alley Club” said they were very close to the family, the news that the “Super Genie” passed away leaving a huge void in the Wrestling organization.

They sent their deepest condolences to family, friends, and especially the fans who are having a hard time right now.

Meanwhile, the world of the web and the fans are posting several messages of condolence for the loss of the athlete, among them, there are also several prominent personalities in the world of Wrestling.

WWE champion Bayley said she had her first match against the wrestler. There has always been a connection between them from the very first moment when they shared their debut in the same ring.

She thanked the bodybuilder for her sweetness, her determination, and her professionalism, which is why she will never forget her.

While former WWE star Lance Storm said she was shattered upon hearing the news, she hadn’t gotten to know her but worked with her during her collaboration with OVW.

The wrestler has always distinguished herself as a good and friendly person, she never missed the opportunity to sign autographs and to show all her appreciation for the fans around the world.

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