Christopher Stalford Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

The British Northern Irish politician died at the age of 39 years old. Did He commit Suicide? On Sunday afternoon, it became clear that politician Christopher Stalford is dead. He was a Democratic Unionist Party Member(DUP). Moreover, he was the member of the Northern Ireland Assembly for South Belfast from 2016 till his death in 2022.

He was born in the Annadale Flats in south Belfast, on 17 January 1983. When he died the British politician was only 39 years old. The party mentioned the sad news on its website.

– A friend

In the statement, the leader of the party, Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, writes:

– I am deeply moved to hear of Christopher’s sudden death. He was not just an elected official or a colleague, he was a friend.

He adds:

– On behalf of the party, I express my sympathy to Laura and the Stalford family for the loss of a husband, father, son, and brother.

Stalford leaves behind a wife and four children.

The cause of death is not known.

– I talked for a long time with Christopher Stalford on Friday night. Christopher was passionate about Northern Ireland and wanted the best for his constituents. I did not understand then how valuable that conversation was, says Donaldson.

Several from the party have expressed their condolences.

– I have known Christopher since his childhood. His family has been loyal members of the party since it was founded, says Lord Morrow, chairman of the DUP.

He adds:

As a political party, we are shocked and saddened by his death, but most of all we are devastated by Laura, their four young children, and Christopher’s family who will feel this loss most strongly.

He asks everyone to mourn the family in the time to come.

Did Christopher commit Suicide:

Many rumors are circulating that did Christopher Stalford committed suicide. He was not suffering from any mental health issues nor he was in dire need of any medical or professional help. Well there is no official confirmation on this statement which is flushing all over social media. His death may be natural or maybe suicide.

Think for a second why would he commit suicide, and if he did let’s pray for the departed soul may his soul rest in peace.

When it comes to public speaking and media appearances, Mr. Stalford was the go-to option on behalf of the party.

Earlier the previous year, Mr. Stalford said he would like to quit Twitter because it was “awful” and the verbal abuse and hatred was ‘unhealthy.’

He turned into one of the first DUP MLAs to publicly claim his assist for Edwin Poot’s management bid final year, no matter being a near best friend of former chief Arlene Foster, who was forced out of the top job.

Politicians of all have paid tribute to Mr. Stalford, with many noting his great sense of humor and capacity to place variations aside.

Ulster Unionist Party chief Doug Beattie stated they had “differing political views” but “in no way traded an irritated word” as he praised him for making sure the “clean running” of commercial enterprise withinside the Assembly in his function as precept deputy speaker, “which he did expertly and with good humour”.


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