How Did Martin Aramburu? What Was His Cause Of Death? Funeral

Former Argentine rugby international Federico Martin Aramburu, 42, third with the Pumas at the 2007 World Cup, was murdered in Paris during an altercation in a bar. It is learned from sources close to the judicial investigation that has already been opened on the incident.

The facts would have occurred at dawn today in the Saint Germain area. According to an initial reconstruction, there was a quarrel between two groups of people, and subsequently, gunshots were fired from a car, one of which fatally wounded the former rugby player, who played eight years at the professional level in France and Scotland before retiring in 2012.

Aramburu, who played in Biarritz, Perpignan, and Dax, was in Paris for personal reasons, living in the Basque Country, and was due to leave for Argentina on Monday.

According to the quoted source, the tragedy happened early in the morning in front of a Mabillon nightclub, in the 6th arrondissement of Paris.

According to the first elements of the investigation, an altercation broke out between four individuals, including Federico Martin Aramburu, accompanied by a friend, before the protagonists were separated.

The two men drove back in front of the bar in question and fired a gun at the Argentine several times, causing his death, News no reports. The two alleged perpetrators have not been caught so far.

According to the reconstructions of the police, which confirmed the death of Aramburu, the former rugby player of the Argentine national team (22 appearances with the Pumas) was in Paris to attend the last match of the Six Nations between France and England, and at the time of the shooting was in a bar in the Saint-Germain neighborhood with a friend of his, also a former rugby player, Shaun Hegarty.

At one point a discussion broke out with the two neighbors at the table, and the discussion immediately degenerated into a fight, then sedated by the people present. But it didn’t end there, because shortly afterward Aramburu and his friend were joined by a green Jeep from which three gunshots were fired, which killed the Argentine. Hegarty unharmed. The criminals, according to police sources, would still be on the run but are wanted. Aramburu after his retirement was settled in Biarritz (for whose team he had played) and leaves behind his wife and three children.

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