Who Is Dolly Gayatri? Husband, Instagram, Accident, Death

Another day, Another Accident. According to a report by asirt, org Approximately 1.35 million people die in road crashes each year; on average 3,700 people lose their lives every day on the roads. While talking about India, 1214 accidents occur each day in India, and about 25% of the people lose their lives in road accidents. 

Dolly Gayatri’s incident happened in India. 

According to the reports circulating on social media, Tollywood’s actress Dolly Gayatri is said to be dead.

Dolly Gayatri is also known by the name Dolly D’Cruze. She is an Indian actress, who works in Tollywood. Moreover, she is a renowned name when it comes to the Tollywood film industry. Most of her work is in the Telugu language. 

Dolly Gayatri faced a car accident, she is reportedly dead by the media. Netizens have started to pay tributes to the Tollywood actress. 

Gayatri was accompanied by another man, a fellow friend in the car.

Moreover, by overviewing her Instagram pictures, Gayatri was in her late 20’s or maybe in her mid 30’s. Apart from being an actress, she was also a Youtuber.

’ Gayatri passed away in the car crash’, this is a false statement.

Recently a video went viral, in which Gayatri was seen coming out of a car crash. As soon as Gayatri gets out of her car, people recognized her at started making videos of the nervous Gayatri. 

Gayatri comes forward and explains the whole incident in her recent Instagram video, she says ‘a video of me has gone viral on social media. Many people have been asking me about this by messaging and calling. I am sharing this video so that it does not have any bad effects in the future.’

She further said- We were going to Kakkanad when there was a car in front. When he tried to overtake him, suddenly another car came in front and got into an accident.

The side mirror of the car was bad, so nothing could be understood. We made the mistake that due to the fear of stopping there, we pushed the car forward.’

Dolly is single or she is dating we have no idea about it, neither we have any information about her husband.

Gayatri is very much popular on Instagram, she gained 54k followers on Instagram in the previous year. She uploads hot modeling pictures of her.

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