How Did Katie Meyer Die? What Was Her Cause Of Death?

Who was Katie Meyer, the Stanford University soccer player who committed suicide?

The world of women’s soccer is in mourning. It was revealed that Katie Meyer, a goalkeeper at Stanford University, committed suicide on Wednesday.

The world of women’s soccer is in mourning. This Wednesday, March 2, the tragic death of Katie Meyer, a 22-year-old goalkeeper who was a member of Stanford University, and who according to reports would have committed suicide, was announced.

According to Stanford’s statement, “Katie was extremely committed to everything and everyone in her universe.” “Her friends describe her as a larger-than-life team player in all of her pursuits, from choosing an academic discipline that ‘changed my perspective on the world and the very important challenges that we need to work together to overcome’ to the passion she brought to the Cardinal women’s soccer program and women’s sports in general,” according to her friends.

Meyer, who combined her activity in soccer with a career in International Relations, was an important piece for Stanford University to win the NCAA title in 2019 and is well remembered for a series of penalties.

Through its Twitter account, US Soccer mourned the loss of Katie Meyer. The NWSL also left her message through their social networks, offering prompt resignation to her family and friends. Stanford assured that they suffered an “unimaginable loss”.

“The thoughts and hearts of the entire United States Soccer Federation go out to Katie Meyer’s family, friends, teammates and loved ones,” US Soccer wrote on social media.

“The NWSL would like to offer our deepest condolences to Katie’s friends, family, teammates and loved ones, and the entire Stanford community,” the United States Women’s League wrote.

For her part, the Mexican goalkeeper of América Femenil Renata Masciarelli also dedicated a message to Meyer: “Incredibly sad, my prayers are with her family and friends,” the azulcrema soccer player added in a tweet.

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