Gerd Müller Died: How Did The German Soccer Player Die?

Top scorer in Bundesliga history suffered from Alzheimer’s. World Champion in 1974 and European Champion in 1972, “Der Bomber” is also one of the greatest goalscorers in World Cup history.

This Sunday, the former striker Gerd Müller, an idol of Bayern Munich and the German national team, passed away. The information was released by the Bavarian club in the morning. Nicknamed “Der Bomber” (The Bomber), Müller was 75 years old and suffered from Alzheimer’s. Gerd Müller’s cause of death was due to long-term disease.

Today is a sad and dismal day for Bayern and all their fans. Gerd Müller was the greatest striker of all time and a great personality in world football. We are united in deep sadness, together with his wife Uschi and his family – declared the club president, Herbert Hainer, in an official statement.

Gerd Müller is one of the top scorers in World Cup history, with 14 goals. He scored 68 in 62 games for the German national team, over eight years playing for the Nationalmannschaft. He was the champion of the 1972 European Cup and the 1974 World Cup.

For Bayern Munich, there were 566 goals in 607 official matches between 1964 and 1979. He is to this day the top scorer in the history of the Bundesliga, with 365 goals, being the top scorer in the national championship in seven opportunities. He won the league in 1968/69, 1971/72, 1972/73, and 1973/74. He was a three-time European champion, between 1974 and 1976, and won the World Cup against Cruzeiro.

His record for 40 goals in a single Bundesliga edition, 1971/72, lasted 49 years and was only surpassed last season by Polish Robert Lewandowski.
After retiring as a professional player, Müller worked for many years as one of Bayern Munich’s youth coaches. In October 2015, the club announced that the idol had been diagnosed with dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease. He was recently living in a nursing home. Müller leaves behind his wife Uschi and a daughter.

Oliver Kahn: “Forever in our hearts”

“The news of Gerd Müller’s death affects us deeply. He is one of the greatest legends in the history of FC Bayern, his achievements are incomparable to this day and will forever be part of the great history of FC Bayern and of all German football. As a player and as a person, Gerd Müller represents FC Bayern and its development as one of the biggest clubs in the world like no other. Gerd will be in our hearts forever,” said the Bayern CEO.

Check out Gerd Müller’s list of titles:

– 4 editions of the German Championship
– 4 German Cups
– 3 European Champions Cup trophies (old version of the Champions League)
– 1 European Cup
– 1 Intercontinental Tournament (old version of the Club World Cup)
– 1 World Cup (1974) )
– 1 Euro Cup (1972)
– 1 Golden Ball (1970)

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