Fausto Gresini, Two-time World Champion, Dies Due To Coronavirus

And he doubles 125 world champion, Fausto Gresini, who died in Bologna from complications caused by the Coronavirus. He had been hospitalized since the end of December.

The first hospitalization dates back to December 27 , after his condition worsened as soon as he contracted the virus. Gresini alternated moments of improvement with worsening, caused by the complications of the important interstitial pneumonia caused by the infection. This past weekend, after a promising improvement, conditions suddenly worsened.

Gresini made his debut in 1982 and has always competed in the junior class of the world championship, the 125. The first world title came in 1985 for Garelli: three victories (in Austria, Belgium, and San Marino), five poles, and 109 points. The following year he won four GPs (in Spain, Europe, Sweden and Germany), but was beaten by only 12 points by Luca Cadalora from Modena.

In 1987, however, the season of the masterpiece : he won 10 of the 11 races on the calendar (all except Portugal, in which he suffered a puncture while in the lead) and became 125cc champion again after scoring 150 points .

In 1988 an injury kept him away from racing . Then the move to Aprilia, with which he only ran for one unhappy year. Finally, the transition to Honda in 1990 with which he raced until 1994, the last season of his career.

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