Mexican Writer Orso Arreola Dies At 72

The writer Orso Arreola died at 72 years of age, in Zapotlán el Grande, Jalisco

At dawn this Monday the Jalisco writer Orso Arreola passed away , the news was released by his son Juan José Arreola Cuenca who through social networks recalled his father’s vocation to promote culture, letters and the work of his grandfather Juan José Arreola Zúñiga.

“Rest in peace, we wish you with love, respect and deep admiration. May your ironic wisdom and your enormous vocation as a literary bear protect us and always accompany us ”.

Orso Arreola was the author of various literary works such as “The last minstrel” , “Dispersed prose”, “Life and work”, “Lost I go in search of myself. Poetry and watercolors ”  and“ Juan José Arreola, Iconography ”.

He was also deputy director of Educal, founding director of the ” Casa Taller Literario Juan José Arreola” and a tireless cultural promoter, columnist, educator and bookseller.


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