Witchy Band Drummer Dies

Sudden death after suffering a sudden heart attack is the one suffered by the musician Héctor Marín Villa, drummer of the royal band Witchy Band.
Javier López Garay, leader and founder of the group, reported that the death of his friend and partner occurred yesterday while Marín Villa was driving his car to make a payment on his phone.

“It was a cardiac arrest that caused his death,” confirmed López.

“They are handling in other parts that it was Covid and I do not know how many things, but it was a cardiac arrest. He was driving and went to a telephone company to pay, and he had a heart attack and there he stayed.”

Royal friends and artists have contacted the musician’s family and López to offer their condolences.

Marín Villa passed away at the age of 72 and was in the ranks of the Witchy Band for five decades as a drummer.

“He was in good health, and he did get Covid, about a month or two ago, but he was asymptomatic,” said the member of the band and also president of the ANDA society of comedians in Monterrey.

Due to the arrival of the pandemic, the musical group stopped its presentations, as it was reported that it would do small seasons in Guadalupe, San Pedro, and San Nicolás.

“The Covid came to us and we were left wanting nothing more,” said López, who said it was two months ago that he spoke with his friend Héctor.

Witchy Band, known as the craziest band, has 52 years of history, but Marín Villa joined the musical project a couple of years later.

“Héctor celebrated 50 years with us in the group,” said López.

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