Leticia Calderón Publishes A Photo From A Hospital Bed And Worries Fans For Her Health

The actress showed that she is under medical surveillance without giving further details about her hospitalization.

In the image that caused a commotion, you can see Calderón’s arm with an IV hose. However, she made it clear that her health is not in serious danger by writing: “All good thank God.”

Since, earlier this year, the actress of soap operas like Empire of Lies or Bachelor with daughters fought hard against COVID-19, her fans began to wonder if she is in the hospital due to a relapse.


Why is Leticia Calderón in the hospital?

According to information from the First-Hand program, which had the opportunity to talk with Leticia Calderón, she is in the hospital due to a surgical intervention scheduled.

“He shares this with us that it is a scheduled surgery. She tells us that she is well treated and that she is well. What is surgery about? We do not know, but we hope that he will have a speedy recovery ”, declared the host Addis Tuñón during this day’s broadcast.

At the moment it has not been revealed if the 53-year-old Calderón is still waiting to enter the operating room in the next few hours or if she has already been operated on, this is because, after publishing the disturbing photograph, she disappeared from social networks.

While they get more information, Leticia’s fans have done nothing more than writing messages with good wishes for her, such as: “Güera precious, you are very strong and you will get out of this” and “Get well soon that your little ones need you.”

A vaccination trip

In mid-September, the famous protagonist of the soap opera Esmeralda was captured with her children Luciano and Carlo at the Mexico City International Airport, where she arrived from the United States.

Calderón was intercepted by elements of the press, to whom she confided that she traveled to the northern country so that her adolescent children could access the vaccination scheme against COVID-19 since in Mexican territory said biological is not yet programmed for its application in minors old:

“It was the main thing that they get vaccinated so that they can go to school in person … the second (dose) is missing, we have to go back,” explained the actress.

Regarding the permission that the children’s father, the lawyer Juan Collado, who has been in prison for two and a half years, Lety added that he was always affable to give his permission for the young people to travel to get vaccinated: “It was a matter of that the power of attorney was not left and then the notary could not go, but Juan was always in a position to give us the power of attorney, “the actress added then.

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