Suzana Faini Dies, Aged 89, In Rio e Janeiro

Suzana Faini died in Rio de Janeiro and leaves a 58-year-old daughter.

Jarbas Homem de Mello and Mouhamed Harfouch mourned the death of the actress on social media

Actress Suzana Faini died this Monday (25th), at the age of 89. Veteran in dramaturgy, she participated in both versions of “Selva de Pedra” and her last works on television were in an episode of the second season of “Sob Pressure” and the soap opera “Espelho da Vida”.

The information was given by columnist Ancelmo Gois, from “O Globo”, and confirmed by Yahoo, that she should be buried at Jardim da Saudade cemetery this Tuesday (26), still without a set time. With a career spanning over 50 years, she has a Shell Award for Best Actress on her shelf.

Paulista, she lived in Rio de Janeiro for dozens of years and leaves a daughter, Milenka, 58 years old, who has Williams Syndrome. Her last work on television was a participation in the second season of the series “Sob Pressure” and in the soap opera “Espelho da Vida”, in 2018.

She made her TV debut in “Rosa Rebelde”, in 1969, at the age of 34 after a career dedicated to ballet. She spent 15 years wearing sneakers on stages across the country. Suzana participated in soap operas such as the iconic “Dancing Days” and the two versions “Selva de Pedra”.

On social media, some friends and celebrities mourned the death of the actress. “Oh… I didn’t know. Wow… a beautiful, dear, beloved. May she be in peace and in the Light”, wrote Silvia Pfeifer. Actor Mouhamed Harfouch also shared on social media: “Gee… My God.”. “Incredible actress and wonderful woman”, attested Jarbas Homem de Mello.

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