Charlie Capalbo Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

Charlie Capalbo is no more!

The social media is full of death news of Charlie Capalbo. All of his family, friends and loved ones are saddened over his loss.

Charlie battled with his disease cancer and couldn’t survive. His mother tried to support him in every possible way. They formed Capalbo Strong in the year 2017 to support Charlie’s battle with cancer. He had suffered from cancer twice and was fighting it for the third time.

He was an inspiration and motivation for all the other patients. However, his positivity, loving nature, humor, and courage will be remembered by everyone. In the year of 2017, as Charlie finished Fairfield High School season as the goaltender, he went to a doctor to get his check-up. The hospital discovered that he had a tumor between his heart and lung. Although, he used to be in the hospital for weeks for his treatment.

Charlie spent a few months in the hospital. His condition turned out severe while having chemotherapy. Moreover, he experienced intense side effects from his treatment of cancer. His parent’s love for him was unmatchable. They tried hard to save his life.

Moving further, he also started his freshman year at Fairfield University, and he finished his first semester. He was caring for all other sick kids than himself. Charlie’s hopefulness helped him to survive these hard days. He used to keep his focus on fundraising.

Charlie’s family was very supportive of him. They never wanted to make him feel alone on this journey. His firm was supporting him and he along with his family used to raise awareness about childhood cancer.

The Capalbo Strong organization has been applying for 501c3 status. Moreover, Capalbo stated that the feelings couldn’t be described. The younger Capalbo was Charlie’s bone marrow donor during his second battle.

Also, Capalbo said to his brother that he had the best shape he had been in any of his diagnoses, and that was just because of him. Will said that there were days when they used to play Xbox together. Charlie’s resilience and hope won’t be forgotten. We pray for his family and friends.

We share our deepest condolences to his family, friends, and loved ones!

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