Martín Carrizo, Gustavo Cerati’s Drummer, Dies At 50

Martín Carrizo also collaborated with ” Rata Blanca ” and the ” Indio Solari ” band. In November 2012, he came to Peru to participate in ” Yo Soy ” as a guest.

Martín Carrizo, the remembered drummer of Argentine rock legends such as Indio Solari and Gustavo Cerati, passed away at dawn on February 11 at the age of 50. The musician lost his life after facing a tough battle against amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) since 2015.

The news was confirmed by her sister, actress, and host Cecilia “Caramelito” Carrizo, who shared two images with her brother. In one of the snapshots you can read a short, but significant message: “From above, they are taking care of us,” wrote the Argentine artist.

“Please tell me where I am going. Thank you dear and dear for so much love, help, and unconditional support. You did very well every day. Infinite thanks. Martín passed away today January 11 at dawn. His love, his smile, his music remains in us forever “, says the message that his sister published next to a photo of when they were both children.


The musical career of Martín Carrizo began to stand out after joining the group ANIMAL ., With them, he recorded the albums “End of a sick world” and “El nuevo camino del hombre”. After parting ways with the band, he worked on a project with Walter Giardino from Rata Blanca.

Later, Gustavo Cerati called him to join the recordings of his album “Bocanada”, his second solo album after the separation from Soda Stereo. Later, he joined the Indio Solari group and was involved in the albums “Porco Rex”, “El perfume de la tempestad”, “Pajaritos”, among others.

In November 2012, Martín Carrizo arrived in Peru to participate as a guest in the ” Yo Soy ” program. On that occasion, the Argentine musician accompanied Miguel Ángel Samamé, a Peruvian impersonator of Gustavo Cerati, on drums, whom he praised for his talent.

“This moment was really beautiful and I want to do something,” said Carrizo, and then come down from the center stage and give his drumsticks to Ricardo Morán, who was moved to tears during the remembered presentation.

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