Juan Joya Borja, Better Known As ‘El Risitas’, Dies

‘El Risitas’ dies, the mythical character who became famous for his laughter with Jesús Quintero

His charismatic laugh made him very popular on Spanish television.

The comedian was admitted last September for leg amputation due to a vascular complication.

This Wednesday afternoon Juan Joya Borja, better known as “El Risitas”, died at the Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Seville at 65 years of age and due to a sudden relapse of his illness. The comedian, actor, and well-known television personality rose to fame for his iconic laugh and his “cuñaaaao” tagline when he shared shows such as ‘Ratones coloraos’.

The mythical character who became famous for his laughter with Jesús Quintero was admitted last September to undergo a leg amputation due to a vascular complication.

Discovered by Quintero in programs such as El vagamundo or Ratones Coloraos and later for collaborating in Crónicas Marcianas, El Risitas not only achieved national popularity but also became the object of parodies and memes all over the world, from France to Finland. passing through the United States.

In fact, in France he is still a popular figure by the name of  “Issou”,  which the neighboring country translates from “Jezuuú”, and in Finland, he has even advertised pizzas.

Now a few years ago, the actor recounted his experience in Martian Chronicles and denounced that he had not been paid the large amount of money that had been promised. “They didn’t pay me, they left and left us lying there,” he told YouTuber Salvador Raya.

El Risitas also told about his experience in Torrente 3. “He told me that if the movie turned out well, I would go with them to Italy. But I said no because I would get up at six in the morning and go to bed at ten at night. stop. I liked the experience, but I do not do more. He called me to do the 5 and I said no “.

‘El Risitas’ rose to fame in 2000 by the hand of Jesús Quintero, in one of his programs on Canal Sur. Starting in ‘El Vagamundo’, where he became one of the star collaborators, starring in stellar moments thanks to his laugh . It was not the only program in which he participated, because later he did it in the same way as ‘Ratones coloraos’ and ‘El loco de la hill’.

On the other hand, ‘El Risitas’ also appeared in the world of cinema, by the hand of Santiago Segura and ‘Torrente 3: El protector’ , thus bringing his more than characteristic laugh to the big screen. A laugh that has not stopped being the object of ‘ memes ‘.

After going through the cinema, the comedian and television character dedicated himself to telling jokes in a bar in Punta Umbría , in Huelva, where he dedicated himself to entertaining at parties with his catchy laugh and tail-tails.

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