El Risitas Died: How Did Spanish Comedian Die?

Jesús Quintero made this Sevillian television personality famous

Thus, after his transfer to the hospital, it was around 8:00 p.m. when those responsible for the residence received official confirmation of death.

Juan Joya Borja, the popular television personality known as “El Risitas”, died at the age of 65 this Wednesday at the Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Seville. Suffering from a long illness, his health deteriorated today and he passed away at noon. He was transferred from the Hospital de la Caridad in Seville, where he had resided since September last year when he made the news after the amputation of a leg.

The Sevillian comedian rose to fame in 2000 as one of the genuine and strange characters that Jesús Quintero nicknamed his “green dogs” Taken directly from the street, Quintero presented them on television and let them express themselves freely, from an exotic rarity. From there, due to the rapid spread of his popularity throughout the national territory, he accompanied the presenter from Huelva on his next adventures on the air, from El Vagamundo to Los mice coloraos , from Spanish Television to Canal Sur.

But it was a joke that most viralized, when this term had not yet been coined, the character: his famous cuñaooo, in reference to Antonio Rivera “El Peito” , who died in 2003, who he called that. Together they formed a memorable television duo.

José María Pérez Blanco, Pepe Peregil, a popular Sevillian tavern keeper and cantaor, also famous for his role as a bowman, was the one who glimpsed the possibility of success in El Risitas. A friend of Jesús Quintero, recommended him to the presenter for the program he was conducting on Canal Sur at that time: El VagamundoAfter the first question, the character was baptized:

– Why do they call you El Risitas?

– Because I laugh a lot.

That prime-time television debut represented a total paradigm shift in the life of a man whose only mission until then was to survive. He ran errands for Pepe Peregil in his tavern, Quitapesares, and told jokes in exchange for beer.

El Giggles would go to the program without a script, with the sole purpose of telling his stories, what had happened to him throughout his life. Anecdotes that, when narrated, unraveled the character and made the presenter and the audience explode in a collective laugh. “The paelleras” and “The cement sacks” are classic pieces from the national humor library.

In the Scandinavian country, he recorded a pizza advertisement for a low-cost chain in 2015. And it has also been widely recognized in France, where the word ‘ Issue ‘ became virual , which the comedian narrated as ‘ Jezuuu’, and which made reference to Jesus Quintero on television.

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