Jaime Osorio Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

The filmmaker suffered from cancer for almost 6 years and resorted to euthanasia.

Colombian filmmaker Jaime Osorio has died at the age of 46. After having suffered from cancer for almost 6 years, this director and screenwriter resorted to euthanasia, according to the Colombian Ministry of Culture. “We regret the death of the Colombian director Jaime Osorio,” he said in a statement.

“We send our condolences to his family and friends.”  He has also been honored by the Colombian Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences: “We have no words to describe this moment, only to accompany his family and friends. Much peace and light on this day.

Jaime Osorio was born in Cali in 1975. After a few years studying in France, he returned to his native Colombia in 2000, where he would be involved in the filming of several commercials. Thanks to these works, he could set up El páramo more than ten years later. This debut mixed the war genre with paranoid terror and was highly applauded at various international festivals. In this way, it would win in 2012 the Macondo awards for Best Editing and Makeup, in parallel to Best Ibero-American Screenplay at the Guadajalara Film Festival (Mexico) and the Citizen Kane Award for Best New Direction at the 44th Sitges Festival.

The success of El páramo would open the doors of the industry for him, going on to direct several episodes of the intrigue series El laberinto .

In 2017 Osorio switched to drama in Siete cabeza , with less repercussion, and retraced his steps in Mil tusks. This last, the first Colombian original series sponsored by HBO Max (which is not available in our country) was a return to that mixture of horror and military drama that he was praised for with El páramo . A thousand tusks premiered on the platform just two months ago, receiving rave reviews.

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