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Dobre Brothers Net Worth is estimated to be $20 Million. The Dobre Brothers are Cyrus, Darius, Lucas, and Marcus. However, the younger brothers Lucas and Marcus were the ones to start their Youtube careers at a very young age. The four-run two Youtube Channels; DobreBrothers and DobreCars.

Early Life/Biography:

The DobreBrothers, Cyrus, Darius, Lucas, and Marcus, were born as twins to Aurelia Dobre and Boz Mofid. Their Mom Aurelia Dobre was a retired Olympic gymnast and a choreographer. Their Dad Boz Mofid owns a gymnastics academy in Maryland, DobreGymnastic Academy. They also have a sister. 

The four have worked hard; their Youtube channel is one of the fastest-growing. Their main focus is practicing gymnastics, music, and vlogs.

Real NameCyrus, Darius, Lucas, Marcus
Date Of BirthJanuary 28, 1999
Place Of BirthGaithersburg, Maryland
Place Of BirthGaithersburg, Maryland
EducationSouth Hagerstown high school

Early Education:

The elder brother Cyrus and Darius also attended South Hagerstown high school, and the twins Lucas and Marcus attended South Hagerstown high school. Cyrus participated at the University of Iowa. He achieved a Bachelor’s degree in Strategic Communication followed by a Master’s degree in Sociology. Moreover, Darius graduated from Towson University.

EducationHigh School
DegreeMaster and Bachelor
University NameTowson University

DobreBrothers Career:

Lucas and Marcus jumped into the youtube bandwagon in 2015 by creating their own Youtube channel. We think that they have the best job in the world and are providing us with the best quality of content; their videos are a great source of entertainment for people. Their main focus was to shoot comedy videos, pranks, acrobatics, vlogs, and challenges with family and friends. One of their videos landed with millions of views.

Before starting their Youtube career, they began their initial career with the Vine app, a now-defunct video application. They named their channel “TwinBotz.” The rough stature of their followers on the Vine app was 2 Million.

The Dobre Brothers used to cover a wide range of content. They used to film while doing groceries; they used to dance on viral hits, do reacting videos, pranks, music videos, and much more. In short, they made millions of fans from their wide social media network. One of their videos, “Gymnastics in the grocery store!” reached millions of views.

Soon, Lucas and Marcus became members of this original Team 10 collaboration home in Los Angeles because they collaborated with Vine star Jake Paul. Eventually, there was a rapid rise in their followers.

Moreover, the videos on their TikTok account were seen on the #foryoupage; some of them were also viral. In short, the Dobre Brothers stepped into real stardom.

The Dobre brothers’ music video,” You Know You Lit,” is among the most viewed videos and “Bumpin.” In 2018, all the four Dobre Brothers inked a contract from the Creative Artists Agency, a major Hollywood agency.

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The DobreBrothers, Lucas, and Marcus have been nominated in many categories. They were nominated for Muser of the Year in the Shorty Award. In 2018, they were also nominated for Breakout Creator in Streamy Awards. Unfortunately, they did not win any of the awards.

Dobre Brothers rich
Dobre Brothers /Photo

Channel Statistics:

Dobre Brothers have 10 Million subscribers with 461 videos on their Youtube Channel. The channel has a total of 24 Billion views. Their second Youtube channel, Dobre Cars, has 1.25 Million followers with 58 videos with 8 Million views.

On the other hand, the Lucas and Marcus youtube channel has 24 Million subscribers and is the 163rd most subscribed youtube channel globally. It also stands on the 63rd most subscribed channel in the USA.

Main Channel NameDobre Brothers
Total Subscribers10 Million
Total Views24 Million views
Number of Videos461
Lucas and Marcus Youtube Channel Subscribers24 Million
2nd Youtube ChannelDobre Cars
Total Views8 Billion

Dobre Brothers Family/Parents/Siblings:

Their father’s name is Boz Mofid, and their Mother’s name is Aurelia Dobre. They have one sister.

DadBoz Mofid
MomAurelia Dobre

Dobre Brothers net worth 2022?

Dobre Brothers’ net worth in 2022 sits around $20 Million. The Dobre Brothers’ only source of income is Youtube; they also make money through paid promotions. Moreover, Dobre Brothers monthly and annual income is $260,000 Million and $7Million.

Net Worth$10 Million
Annual Income$7 Million
Monthly Income$260,000
Income per day$500

How much do Dobre Brothers make from one video?

Dobre Brothers’ earnings depend upon the number of views. His estimated payments from one video are $500.

How much do Dobre Brothers make in a month?

According to our estimate, Dobre Brothers’ monthly earnings range between five to six digits. They might be making $260,000 in a month.

How much do Dobre Brothers make in a year/annual income?

Lucas and Marcus’ annual income is $5 Million. However, the DobreBrothers collectively make $7-$10 Million.

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