How Did Doris Bayly Die? What Was Her Cause Of Death?

Journalist Doris Bayly dies in a traffic accident in Piura.

Doris Bayly, a Peruvian journalist, and poet died near her home in the resort of Máncora.

Doris Bayly, 60, was run over by a truck while riding a bicycle near her home in Máncora, Peru.

Authorities are investigating the truck driver who hit her and then fled.

Piura. Doris Bayly, sister of the renowned journalist Jaime Bayly, died on February 16, on a highway in Máncora, in the province of Talara, as a result of a traffic accident. According to the first reports, the renowned poet and writer was run over by a heavy-duty vehicle when she was near her house.

According to official sources in Máncora, at 6:00 am, Doris Bayly left her apartment located in a condominium, in the vicinity of the Rural Community of Máncora, in order to practice cycling, as she did every day, in her route to Punta Sal; However, two kilometers from Máncora, exactly in the area known as Cerro Colorado, between Punta Sal and Punta Canoas, the woman was hit by a trailer.

Faced with the strong impact, the carriers and residents of the area helped Bayly and evacuated her to a private clinic in Máncora, but, due to her serious health condition, she was referred to a clinic in Piura; however, she lost her life on the way, as a result of the severe fractures in her limbs.

The case, which remains quite secretive, is investigated by the PNP to identify the driver who hit her, the same one who fled the scene to avoid being arrested. Police are investigating the scene of the accident to identify the person responsibly.

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