How Did Eric Rohan Justin Die? What Was His Cause Of Death?

A young influencer from Florida said that her father shot dead a stalker who, obsessed with her, went to look for her armed to her residence in Naples after she blocked him on social networks.

In 2020 and at just 13 years old, Ava Majury created a Tik Tok account where she shared dancing videos and quickly reached more than a million followers.

Since then, Eric Rohan Justin, 18, has been obsessed with the girl. The young man secretly paid several classmates of her minor to get him pictures of her as well as her phone number, so the girl decided to cut off her friendship with those people.

Eric Rohan Cause Of Death:

Majury told The New York Times, Justin continued to write to him on Tiktok, Snapchat, and Instagram, requesting more intimate photos and even making payments of up to $600 with specific requests for the types of photos he wanted.

As Ava Majury blocked him on all social platforms, Justin decided to visit her, despite a very clear message from Rob Majury, the girl’s father and retired police lieutenant, who did not welcome this approach.

On July 10, 2020, the young man arrived at the influencer’s house in Naples and fired a cartridge shotgun at the front door of the residence, causing the reaction of the father who went out to confront the attacker.

After trying to chase the young man, Ava’s father tripped and fell to the ground, which allowed the boy to flee the scene.

A while later when the family was waiting for the authorities to make a report of what happened, Justin returned to the house armed. After asking him several times to drop his shotgun, Rob Majury ended up shooting him down after Justin pointed it directly at him.

The police found the young man with two cell phones that contained thousands of photos of the minor.

A year and a half after what happened, Ava Majury keeps her accounts active on social networks where she accumulates thousands of followers due to her active presence.

This was Eric Rohan’s cause of death, Eric Rohan was shot to death by Ava Majury’s dad after he armed the influencers house.

However, Eric Rohan earns thousands of dollars in endorsement deals and has attracted interest from Hollywood , including reality show producers. Her fame on TikTok has also brought her endorsement opportunities on Instagram and Snapchat. Meta-owned Instagram, formerly known as Facebook, has also been accused of causing mental and emotional health problems among teenage users.

“Her creations, her contacts, her videos became such a big part of her that taking them away would have been difficult ,” her father said.

“We choose what is best for our family,” added Ava’s mother, Kim Majury. “We know that there will be two sides, and that some people will not understand it.”

The Majurys moved to Florida in 2019 from Manalapan, New Jersey, attracted by the warm weather, low taxes and a more sedate lifestyle. They settled in Naples, a safe and stable city of wealthy retirees and growing families in Collier County , on the state’s Gulf Coast.

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