First Dominican Actress Delta Soto Dies At 83

The actress Delta Soto, a reference in the Dominican theater, and who was part of the June 14 Revolutionary Movement, died this Monday at the age of 83, due to complications related to cancer she suffered.

“On behalf of the Villalona Soto family, De La Rosa Villalona and Villalona Diclo, I report the departure of the First Dominican Actress Delta Soto. National glory of the theater, founder of Nuevo

Theater and mentor of great national artists. Peace to your soul. Rest in peace, warrior of light, ”wrote the executive president of the National Council for Children and Adolescents (Conani), also actress Paula Disla, on social networks.

Soto, who was married to actor and theater director Rafael Villalona, ​​who died in 2012, studied theater at the Santo Domingo School of Fine Arts and acting and theater directing at the Government Institute of Art in Moscow, Russia, according to her Biography.

She acted in dozens of plays, including  “Tres Historias para ser Contadas”, “Casa de Muñecas”, “los Amores de Don Perlimplín y la Belisa en su Jardín”, “Marat Sade”, “La Opera de Tres Centavos, “Un Tranvía llamado Deseo”, “Baño de Damas” y “Sobre Locos y Duendes”.

She was an acting teacher at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD).

As a political activist in a troubled time full of longing for democracy, she participated in the June 14 Revolutionary Movement, from the time of the underground.

She also founded with other colleagues the Federation of Dominican Women and participated in the Patriotic War of April.

In February 2005, she put into circulation the book “Vivencias de una Revolucionaria”, published by the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo.

Delta Soto always confessed to being proud of her life and that if she was born again she would do the same things and be the same: actress, theater teacher, producer, political activist, mother, and wife.

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