Final Episode – “Vencer El Desamor”: What Happened?

This Tuesday, March 30, 2021, the Univision network broadcast the final episode of “Vencer el desamor” , a telenovela produced by Rosy Ocampo that focused on issues of great importance to society today.

The project, which featured an outstanding cast led by great actors such as Daniela Romo, Claudia Álvarez, Julia Urbini, Valentina Buzzurro, David Zepeda, Juan Diego Covarrubias and Emmanuel Palomares, said goodbye to the Spanish-speaking audience in the United States. Joined.

“Vencer el desamor” was positioned as one of the most watched melodramas on Univision since it was released at the beginning of November 2020.

The plot of the telenovela focused on the story of Bárbara (Daniela Romo), Ariadna (Claudia Álvarez), Dafne (Julia Urbini) and Gemma (Valentina Buzzurro), who although they were not from the same family or social class, they had two Common denominators: They shared a home, lacked the support of a partner, and led a life of heartbreak. When facing various problems, such as widowhood, raising a child with special needs, an unplanned pregnancy and work difficulties, they came to understand that the support of their colleagues is what could help them move forward.

What you should know about the grand finale of “Vencer el desamor” on Univision

Gemma’s daughter died

As a consequence of a special condition due to her premature birth, Gemma’s daughter died in a health center in Mexico City.

Faced with the unexpected death of her daughter, Gemma experienced a feeling of great guilt; but she was encouraged by her loved ones so that she can rebuild her life.

Ariadna and Álvaro got engaged

Álvaro surprised Ariadna with a luxurious engagement ring to reiterate everything he feels for her and formalize his desire to unite their lives in marriage until death does them part.

Gael confessed his love to Dafne

Gael chose to stay in Mexico to bet on the great love he feels for Dafne, so he asked her to allow him to form a future by his side.

Dafne, evidently surprised by the proposal, responded with a resounding “yes” to the possibility of creating a promising future in the company of Gael.

Ariadna accepted Tadeo’s health condition

Ariadna was notified by Tadeo’s teacher that the little boy is a child with Asperger’s syndrome, so she obviously has to accept that her son has a special condition that differentiates him from the rest of the children.

Before the heartfelt words of Tadeo’s teacher, Ariadna reiterated that she is a special mother due to the constant learning that her son gives her in his growth stage.

The message of solidarity from Tadeo’s teacher with Ariadna came after the mother was heartbroken at the relapse of her son due to his health condition.

Ariadna and Cassandra achieved an important recognition

Ariadna and Cassandra were honored with the important recognition of the National Journalism Award for the report they made to raise awareness about gender violence in Mexico, one of the main causes of death in Aztec territory.

After Ariadna’s admirable achievement, Álvaro honored his fiancée with a romantic dinner at a Mexico City restaurant with a commanding view of the Monument to the Revolution.

Ariadna and Álvaro will become parents

Ariadna surprised Álvaro by letting him know that they will become parents soon, so they will allow little Tadeo to continue enjoying his growth stage in the company of a new member of the family.

Barbara fulfilled her great dream

Barbara was finally able to fulfill her great dream of traveling to new horizons to discover the endless cultures that are hidden in different latitudes of the world.

She reiterated that she lost her fear of flying in airplanes thanks to the life experiences she shared in the company of Ariadna, Dafne and Gemma.

The final scene was an encouraging message to women

The final scene of “Overcoming the Heartbreak” was an encouraging message from Bárbara, Dafne, Ariadna and Gemma so that all women do not feel alone in the face of the various adversities that may be presented to them today due to the prejudices they have imposed the society.

The four powerful women reiterated that no woman should feel alone in this world, much less pressured to live great stages of life such as pregnancy, marriage or sexuality.


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